Jun 13, 2018Distribution, Events


We are super proud to announce that the fine beers of NESHAMINY CREEK BREWING COMPANY will now be available in MARYLAND! Starting this week you will be able to grab our CORE / YEAR-ROUND lineup throughout the state thanks to our distribution partners, BACKUP BEVERAGE! We’ll be progressively sending some more seasonal and rare beer selections down as the year goes on. Our first event in the state will be TUESDAY JUNE 19th @ MAX’S […]

Feb 22, 2017Distribution

Dank Hill Distribution

Due, in part, to an absolutely gorgeous President’s Day weekend- we sold out of Dank Hill […] More

Feb 13, 2017Beer Releases, Distribution

Dank Hill & Brewery Only Releases

It’s been a busy few weeks around these parts, and hopefully, you’ve been keeping tabs […] More

Mar 31, 2016Distribution

Pittsburgh & Western Pennsylvania Distribution

Neshaminy Creek Brewing is excited to announce that we’ll be launching in Pittsburgh & […] More

Jan 7, 2016Distribution

Imagine Being Magically Whisked Away to….

That’s right, Delaware! All kidding aside, we’re really excited to announce that […] More

Dec 22, 2015Distribution

Empire State of Mind

One of the reasons we began our most recently completed expansion was not only to be able to brew […] More

Mar 25, 2015Beer Releases, Distribution, General

Zero to 12,000 in 3 Years

When’s Leon coming out? When’s your next barrel aged beer going to be released? Why […] More

Jul 28, 2014Distribution

New PA Distribution

We’re excited to announce that we’ve just signed on with two new distributors in […] More

Nov 14, 2012Distribution

New Distribution

We’re excited to announce that Neshaminy Creek Brewing has just signed a deal that will […] More

Aug 21, 2012Distribution

New Jersey Distribution

The time has come to invade New Jersey! Our New Jersey wholesale distribution partner, Hunterdon […] More


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