Imperial Amber Lager



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OCTOBERFLESHED is an Imperial Oktoberfest or Märzen-style influenced Amber Lager conditioned on a body slamming amount of the ‘flesh of the fruit,” made in collaboration with 2SP Brewing Co. for our Oktoberslamfest 2018 wrestling event. We tag teamed this brew with Blackberries and Blueberries in the fermenter to marry the complex toasted bread, and nutty malt character with dark, ripened fruit similar to what can also be imparted from the milliard reactions created during the malting process and further developed in the kettle through long, intense boils. We added some fresh Blueberry Honey from New Jersey’s own Fruitwood Orchards to crank up the intensity and ABV as well. Deep in color and texture, the end result is a robust and bold brew that’s balanced, yet complex. It’ll also pile drive in the mat at 8.8% ABV, so watch your step.

Release Index: Limited draft and four-packs released in October 2018.

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