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J.A.W.N. – Juicy Ale w/Nugget

jawn_can_mockupIt goes without saying that if you’ve spent any time in and around the Philly area you undoubtedly have heard your fair share of Philly slang and local colloquialism.  Some things just scream ‘Philly’ so bad, it almost hurts.   Anyone familiar with our Head Brewer knows he’s got a fondness for the linguistic arts as well.  Whether it be his loud, booming Jersey/Philly accent cutting across the room, or his late night drunken German, there’s no doubting his love for the sound of the spoken word of any native tongue.  He’s also got a fondness for easy drinking, hoppy beers.  What do you get when you put the together?  J.A.W.N. – Juicy Ale With Nugget.  This 5.2% ABV American Pale Ale is malty, yet crisp, and is loaded with dank citrus, as well as tropical and stone fruit flavor and aroma from the gratuitous use of Nugget and Zythos hops.

OG – 1.051
FG – 1.011
IBU – 45.0
SRM – 7.8

Base Malt – American 2 Row Barley

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