Barleywine, Barrel Aged Beer


Bourbon Barrel Aged Concrete Pillow Barleywine Ale

Our crew went on a bender, and the Animal found himself sleeping on a bag of concrete at 9 AM in the stairwell of a shady AC hotel…so the story goes. Concrete Pillow, our first Anniversary Barleywine, was born out of the spirit and ethos of this brewery; no boundaries, no limits, punk as fuck. At 10.8% going into the barrels, Concrete Pillow isn’t a day drinking beer to begin with. Aged for a year in bourbon barrels, it’s hardly something to take lightly as well. Concrete is a good foundation for just about anything, right?

Release Index:

2014 – Wild Turkey Bourbon Barrels – Pink Wax – 600 Bottles
2015 – Jack Daniels Whiskey Barrels – Blue Wax – 112 Bottles (BRC and Churchville Inn Release Only)
2015 – Glenfiddich Whisky Barrels – White Wax – 112 Bottles (BRC and Churchville Inn Release Only)

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