English-Style Double IPA


Blitzkrieg Hops Double IPA

blitzkrieg_can_mockupWith the amount of IPAs brewed here in the States you’d think that there’s only one way to skin a cat. While the West Coast style has long dominated the style, there’s a world of IPAs you should explore, and Blitzkrieg Hops DIPA wouldn’t be a bad start. Blitzkrieg is a big, 9% ABV, juicy, earthy hopped English-style double IPA brewed entirely with English malts, hops, and fermented with an English ale yeast strain. Brewed with Maris Otter pale malt, and hopped with Admiral, Pilgrim, Phoenix, and Target hops; all big, juicy, high alpha English hops that we thought needed a lil’ love, each of which is over 10% alpha acid.  Blitzkrieg Hops DIPA is our homage to the birthplace of the IPA as well as the band that inspired its name.

OG – 1.075
FG – 1.010
IBU – 98.0
SRM – 7.2

Base Malt – Maris Otter

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