This is Croydon Fest 2 Interview with Big D and the Kids Table

Leading up to their headlining performance at THIS IS CROYDON FEST 2 on MAY 4th at NCBC (TICKETS AVAILABLE HERE), we spoke to BIG D AND THE KIDS TABLE frontman DAVID McWANE about beer, the current state of ska, 25-year anniversary plans and more! Read on below and grab your tickets TODAY so you don’t miss Big D and the other amazing ska-punk acts we have lined up for you in just under 2 weeks!

Big D is coming upon their 25 year anniversary next October, and you formed originally while in college in Boston. After all of these years, how do you still manage to wrangle this group of aging friends together, who I’m assuming are semi-scattered to an extent, to play so often?! Are there any plans for a 25 year anniversary tour or release of sorts?

We started in 1996, so I believe our 25th anniversary will be 2021, but yes, it’s been a long time. I would say that organizing Big D is as loony as trying to keep a liter of vibrant kittens to stay inside a box. We used to tour about 250 days a year, as we wanted to leave home and see our beautiful world. And we did just that. These days many of us have girlfriends, wives, and even kids, so the beauty of our world resides at home. I remember being on tour and seeing couples having a really nice time, I’d talk with many of them, take photos, maybe have a chat around a few pints with them and eventually thought – ‘jeez I wanna be on their side of this experience’. Music though is a very important lifeline for Big D. It is our sports, our yoga, our…whatever it is people do with their extra time, so we make sure to make time for it. I always say there are people who want to be in a band and then there are musicians. People who want to be in a band can quit music whoever they want; musicians are potently infected with the disease and will always play music even if no one care or it brings them to poverty. That’s us. We make time.

Now that you mention it, we will set something up for our 25-year anniversary.

The band recently announced the re-release of “Fluent in Stroll” on SideOneDummy for the 10 year anniversary of the album. What details can you give fans about the re-release, and what prompted it?

My buddy Thomas at Side One Dummy hit me up with the idea. Because Big D has some many albums now, we like to focus on each one and play their entire release live. It’s nice for us and for the specificly (not a word) picky listener. It’s also another way to play shows with The Doped Up Dollies which we enjoy so much. They always make the night more fun.

Obviously, the band has a rich discography with many songs to choose from for performances. Without giving too much away, what can fans at “This is Croydon Fest 2” expect setlist wise from the band?

I usually write the setlist wicked far in advance, as I want to tweak it a bunch. We have been thinking of taking requests for an entire show. I think I’ll try and grab the most favored two to three tunes from each record. It’s really hard and that’s why those full album shows are fun. So…I’m not sure as if today.

“This is Croydon Fest” always tries to bring together a good mixture of ska bands, new and old, local and regional. Are there any bands on the festival that you are most excited to see, or are there any ska bands (or of other genres) that you have seen recently that our readers should check out?

Well shit, to be honest with you all of them. I can’t wait to see The Pilfers, Mephiskapheles and The Scofflaws. And West Bound Train is so dang good. I’ve come to know The Backyard Superheroes and they’re great guys. I just YouTubed Catbite and if it’s the right group, then they are covering Little Richard and he’s my all time favorite – so I like them now. And I just checked out West Kensingtons and they rule. Did I just see one Snails guy in each group? What’s going on here?

Have you had the pleasure of drinking some Neshaminy Creek Brewing Company brews before? If so, what is your favorite? If not, what is your favorite beer style?

I have not. I seem to like Reds – red ales/lagers. I just visited their site and I think I am attracted to the Churchville Lager & The Shape of Hops to Come (because of the marketing).

We thank David for taking the time to speak! Make sure to click above to grab your THIS IS CROYDON FEST 2 tickets today!

*Above photo credit to 13photography.

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