Neshaminy Creek Brewing Company is beyond stoked to be working with Croydon’s SMOKERHEAD BBQ for our BIG GAME LIII Party THIS SUNDAY (February 3rd) at the brewery!


The menu includes their AMAZING smoked wings, Texas-style brisket, pulled pork nachos, mac and cheese, and corn and black bean salad.

Not to mention, with a $50 ticket, you get OPEN BEER TAPS and, of course, get to watch the final football game of the season on our 1080p projector!

We realized that being a new place in town, many of you might not be familiar with Smokerhead, so we spoke to owner Mitch Csanadi about his love for and history in BBQ, extreme music, and much more!

On their history and connection to BBQ and extreme music:

We started doing competition barbecue full blast in 2008-2009 after winning a BEST OF BBQ category at Yards Brewery (original location) in Philly 2 years in a row. After spending a ton of money competing at a handful of comps in the northeast and winning a trophy or 2, we were invited to vend at a large extreme music festival in Baltimore called Maryland Deathfest.

Having successfully served upwards of 2-3000 people over 3 days we realized we could do this and do this well. Knowing that we were making really top quality freshly made barbecue and hearing all of the compliments gave us a high, so we were invited back the next 4 years. The best part was all of us were fans of heavy metal and extreme metal and now these bands, Neurosis, Napalm Death, Goatsnake, Bongzilla, were legitimately coming to our bbq stand to hang out, eat, and even had a few throw us some shoutout during their set. It was awesome, we knew we were onto something.

Our idea has never changed- quality food or nothing. No cheating. This is the old school way to do bbq- no $20,000 push button Smokotron 4000- its split wood logs, fire, smoke, and meat! Period. Quality over quantity- when we run out we run out. I’m out there shoveling natural lump charcoal and split peachwood at 6 am in -8-degree weather in February for a reason, it makes a product unlike anybody else. If you want mass produced cheap & lazy bbq? Go to Mission, Dickies, or just go get a McRib sandwich from McDicks- only $3!!!! But I also knew you have to be creative and diverse with food- it is 2019- people know what’s good and what’s lazy. Try something different, if your ingredients are fresh and awesome then let’s try some things- chances are it will be great- that’s how we came up with the Texas Gyro- which is one of our best sellers.

Why open a BBQ place in Croydon?

Why open in Croydon? Why not? Like anywhere, I saw a ton of pizza places and Chinese takeout- but no bbq- let alone proper wood smoked bbq and classic fresh American style food. Plus our shop has an old school steak shop feel to it which I really liked- perfect size. And the neighbors were cool when were blasting The Melvins at 2 am painting the place.

The name and imagery of SMOKERHEAD is an homage to the greats Motorhead. Could you tell us why you chose it to represent your company?

As for the name, Motorhead rules, bunch of degenerate musicians that were written off, only to later be realized to be one the best classic hard rock/metal acts of all time who played until the very end. Fact. They were completely original and unique and didn’t quite give a shit. All of us who started Smokerhead BBQ all are weird metalheads and current/retired musicians as well. So the theme fit. There won’t be another Lemmy for a long time… if ever.

Did you / do you have any BIG GAME traditions of your own? 
 To me, is about food first! Then the game- unless the Birds are in it. I don’t care who’s playing- If you’re at a party or watching the game and the food sucks- then you’re doing it wrong.
We thank MITCH so much for taking some time to speak with us! Again, make sure you GRAB YOUR BIG GAME LII TICKETS TODAY and we’ll SEE YOU SUNDAY FOR KICK OFF!
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