Since we started canning in 2014 Neshaminy Creek has been known for interesting and unique artwork. To that end, some of our artwork has even been described as iconic and featured in art and marketing magazines. The work JP Flexner has done for our entire line is nothing short of amazing, especially considering the timeline and turnarounds we ask him to produce them under. For that, we couldn’t thank him enough, so when it came time to start working on a reimagined lineup of Neshaminy Creek core and seasonal offerings, per usual, JP ran wild and was as creative as ever even when we asked him to keep our existing artwork in mind.

When we started canning in 2014 can manufacturers like Crown Cork & Seal allowed small customers like Neshaminy Creek to order in minimum quantities that made it possible for brands like us to offer more than just one or two of our brands in cans as year-round offerings. Fast forward to 2018 and the craft beer landscape has changed dramatically with just about every brewery out there now canning. This has created a huge demand on the three major can manufacturers here in the US. That also means can minimums that previously enabled a smaller brewer like us to get into the craft canning game went back to their previous almost unapproachable amounts. This has put a huge stress on our ability to continue to offer all our year-round beers in cans. Like most brewers, we have one or two brands that dominate our portfolio, with the rest moving a fraction of the amount that our top brands do. For us, those brands are The Shape of Hops to Come and County Line IPA (big surprise, hoppy beers), and in some cases, the number of cans we go through of our other brands in a year equal the amount that we go through in a month of Shape and County Line.

To continue to offer our entire line of year-round beers while not sitting on large and lengthy amounts of inventory that slows our ability of to grow and produce (think upgrades, cash flow, and capital), we’re excited to announce a entire brand reset of all our core and seasonal beers, the first of which is The Shape of Hops to Come. Cases of Shape with the new artwork shipped to our SEPA wholesaler yesterday and ship to our NJ wholesaler today, so you’ll start to see them showing up on store shelves and coolers in the coming days. Initial shipments will not be on the printed ‘template’ cans pictured in the mockup below (cans with the Neshaminy Creek logo printed on the top lip of the can) as we expect to receive the first shipment of those printed bulk cans sometime after the New Year.

Over the course of the next few weeks you’ll also see Keep It on the DL Session IPA, Churchville Lager, Croydon Cream Ale, and County Line IPA hitting stores with Highwater Hefeweizen, J.A.W.N. Pale Ale, and Trauger Pilsner to follow in the second and third quarter of 2019 as our existing inventory is depleted.

We have a short mini-documentary shot by our very own Nick Hertzberg that’ll be released early next week that’ll give you a little bit of background insight on the rebranding and relaunch process, as well as highlighting the important part our partners in this process, Zuckerman Honickman/Ardaugh, and Star Label Products, have played to help bring this project to life.

Additionally, one major upgrade to our canning line that is a part of this project is the addition of a brand new date coding printer that will enable us to individually date code each can instead of our current system of date coded stickers on four and six-packs.

While most of the new packaging is a reworked or reimagined version of the current can artwork, a few beers will feature completely new and different artwork, for example, the new version for The Shape of Hops to Come. We’re excited not only about this new artwork, but also the consistency and effectiveness across the line with expanded beer descriptions, artwork areas, and overall creativity. We hope you agree.

And since it’ll be brought up, NO, nothing about the liquid inside has or will be changing. It’s the same Neshaminy Creek liquid you’ve come to know and love.

We can’t thank our loyal supporters enough and look forward to continuing to bring you the best beer possible.


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