Forget the Minions

Treading into some more experimental territory, this week we’re excited for our latest can release, Forget the Minions!

Forget the Minions is an Amarillo, Simcoe, and El Dorado double dry hopped DIPA brewed with 2-Row Barley, Spelt, and Raw Wheat fermented with Hornindal Kveik yeast that explodes with pineapple and pithy orange juice forward flavors that upon first sip remind us of Tanquarey and orange juice. No, seriously. If you could zest mangos and pineapple we somehow figured how to stuff that in this bad boy as well. The Spelt and Raw White Wheat lend a hint of herbal-like spice and all the haze you’d expect from non-traditional, high protein grains.

This is our third hop forward fermentation with Hornindal Kveik, and we’re amazed each time the tropical and citrus notes this traditional Norwegian blended yeast culture throw off. Not only that, in just a short period of time each beer we’ve created with this blended culture has evolved and developed into something more interesting and flavorful than it was only a few days earlier, and those evolving flavors and aromas play nicely with the considerably generous dry hopping with grapefruit forward Amarillo, mango-driven Simcoe, and the complex tropical notes from El Dorado.

Can cases and draft will be released Thursday, September 27th at 5PM and limited to only 75 cases. We don’t expect this to sit around for very long, so grab some while you can. Available in 16 ounce can 4-packs and cases and draft at our Croydon Taproom and Jenkintown Borough Brewhouse locations only. Four-packs are $15/each, and cases are $75/each, 1 case limit per customer.

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