Keeping this new beer release train going, up next we have our first batch ever of BLUEBERRY SHAPE OF HAZE TO COME.

BOOM! Didn’t see that one coming, right?

From the first time we ever used Mosaic in a beer we’ve been obsessed with conditioning an IPA on blueberries because of the distinctive rustic tropical vibe you get from it. Being that Shape of Haze, an unfiltered and un-spun variant of our popular Shape of Hops to Come is DDH with Mosaic and Citra, this was the beer to work in some fresh blueberry magic.

Conditioned on over 1000 pounds of blueberries and double dry hopped with Mosaic and Citra, Blueberry Shape of Haze is a big fruity beast with notes of fresh picked, mountainside blueberries, and big countryside orange grooves. Both softer and much less aggressively bitter than it’s older sibling, Blueberry Shape of Haze comes in an a very un-crushable 8.8% ABV, but we’re pretty sure that won’t stop you from trying.

Cans and draft will be release THURSDAY, SEPTEMBER 13TH at 5PM in Croydon and The Borough Brewpub in Jenkintown.

150 cases, 1 case limit per customer. Once cans are gone we will fill crowlers. $90/case, $18/4-packs.

See you then.

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