Rotation Nation Take Two

Earlier this year we released a tasty IPA called Rotation Nation. Brewed with Flaked Oats and Lactose as well as a revolving cast of different dry hops planned for each release, we certainly took more cues from our New England brethren for this beer than any previous release, except for one small oversight.

Brewers can be creatures of habit, and Neshaminy Creek is no different. When we brewed the first batch of Rotation Nation back in March, everything went according to plan. Our intent of making a more rounded, softer IPA focusing on the use of late kettle and different dry hopping techniques was followed according to plan. Unfortunately, our normal cellar procedures are a bit more ‘aggressive’ for a style that includes as one of it’s hallmarks an extremely fresh, hazy appearance. Thinking we’d be safe cold crashing for just a few days at 32 degrees and still retain more than enough haze for all the ‘Fan Boys’ out there, we miscalculated how effective our chilling system and tanks are at hitting phenol and haze reducing temperatures quickly and effectively.

The end result was a beer that looked more brilliant than hazy, with some people out there even claiming that we filtered it. The irony of that being hurled at a brewery as an insult in the year 2018 isn’t lost on us.

So, here we are with batch number two. Same grain bill, different dry hopping, and again, no filter, and a whole lot less cellar technique.

The end result should be a soft, well rounded grapefruit and pineapple driven unfiltered IPA that won’t put too much gas in your tank at 7% ABV. I say ‘should’ because this beer is coming fresh off the canning line Thursday, August 16th only hours before we release it for sale at 5PM. You can’t get beer much fresher than this!

We’re expecting between 150 to 175 cases off the line, so we’re setting a 1 case limit for this release. Four packs are $12/each and cases are $65/each. Once cans are gone we’ll fill crowlers until all the draft is kicked as well.

We’ve got a really busy schedule of fun and awesome releases coming your way the remainder of the year, with some new liquid joining some Tap Room favorites in the weeks to come. If you haven’t been paying attention now would probably be a good time to start. We’re just getting warmed up.

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