TPRFM Afterparty Interview: SICK PANDA

Ahead of their upcoming set at the Trenton Punk Rock Flea Market Afterparty at NCBC on August 11th, we chatted with Philadelphia’s SICK PANDA!

Check out the interview below, and get familiar with the band by listening to some audio at the bottom. Stay tuned for more interviews next week!

-For those who may not be familiar with SICK PANDA, could you please introduce yourself, the other members, and give a brief history of the band?

Sick Panda is a band based in Philadelphia, PA. The band is made up of Billy DeCristofano on bass, Jaison Smulski on guitar, and Ryan Stump on drums. All three members sing to the worst of their ability. Sick Panda has been together since 2013. Sick Panda seeks to create exciting and urgent music and attempts to avoid crappy rock n roll stereotypes and trends.

-SICK PANDA is from Philadelphia. Did all members grow up in/around the city and participate in the scene there? If so, how has it changed over the years, in your opinion, and what is a particular show/memory that may stick out?

All of the members grew up in Pennsylvania in places other than Philly! Everyone moved here in the early 2000’s and realized that it was America’s best-kept secret. (Almost) every band you would ever want to see comes to Philly and you can see them in a 1,200 person venue or a basement, or somewhere in between…it is awesome.

-What do the members of SICK PANDA do for day jobs?

Program managing, event planning, graphic designing, information technology wrangling stuff.

-Why / how the name “SICK PANDA”?

Heard a friend use it as an adjective describing someone (who was literally too sick to leave the house) and thought, “that would be a great band name!”

-Any upcoming show dates, recording sessions, or other plans that readers should be aware of?

We have a show on Friday, August 24th at Ortlieb’s with Taggart and Honey Radar. Also, have plans to record a new album this by the end of the year…

-If you have had the pleasure of trying some Neshaminy Creek beers, what is your favorite? If not, what is your favorite beer style overall?

Outside on a hot day, Croydon Cream Ale. JAWN or County Line IPA are also pretty high on the list.

Also, dig the limited edition beers and music/band collaborations. Very cool to see a brewery let their passion and personality really show through the beer that they brew instead of just doing what everyone else does!

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