TPRFM Afterparty Interview: ONLY ON WEEKENDS

Leading up to their set at the Trenton Punk Rock Flea Market Afterparty at NCBC on August 11th, we chatted with South Jersey’s ONLY ON WEEKENDS.

Check out the interview below, and get familiar with the band by listening to some audio at the bottom. Stay tuned for more interviews very soon!

For those who may be unfamiliar with ONLY ON WEEKENDS, could you please introduce yourself, the other members, and give us a brief history of the band?

Only on Weekends is a pop-punk band from South Jersey. Harry sings and plays guitar. Jim plays lead guitar and sings too. Anthony plays drums, and John plays bass. Harry and Anthony started playing together in 2011. We’ve gone through some lineup changes over the years, then John and Jim joined in 2016. The chemistry between the four of us was pretty amazing, and we started writing a lot of new songs right away.

ONLY ON WEEKENDS is getting ready to release a new album, Another Wasted Night, at the end of August. What was the writing and recording process (with Jesse Cannon) like, and what are you most looking forward to about the release?

The writing process for this album was way more diverse than anything we’d done before. Most songs used to begin with a chord progression and lyrics that Harry would play for the rest of the band. A lot of these new songs began that way too, but there were also a lot of songs that started out with some lyrics that Anthony would send us or with a riff that Jim would play at practice. The entire band contributed a whole lot to these twelve songs. Recording with Jesse was a great experience. He definitely pushed us to try things that we’d never done before. The final product is the best thing that this band has ever done, and we’re really excited for everyone else to be able to hear it too!

Did the band all grow up in the South New Jersey area? If so, how have you seen the music scene evolve (or devolve?) there over the years, and what are some fond show memories you may have?

Yup, we all grew up in South Jersey. Jim and Anthony have been playing together since 1998 when they were in a ska band called Sexy Chocolate. In the late 90’s and early 00’s, the South Jersey and Philly area was a hotbed for local ska, punk, and hardcore bands. Nowadays it seems like bands are crossing genres more and not necessarily focusing on one type of music. The social media explosion also helped local smaller bands to reach a much larger audience with a grassroots approach then they could have in the past.

What does ONLY ON WEEKENDS do on the weekdays, aka, for work?

Harry is a chemist. Anthony is a processor at a mortgage company. Jim is a title administrator and freelance artist. John is a professional background actor.

If you have had Neshaminy Creek beers before, what is your favorite one? If not, what is your favorite beer style?

Harry’s favorite is the Churchville Lager. John’s favorites are After the Party and The Shape of Hops to Come. Jim also likes IPAs and stouts too. Anthony only drinks the hard stuff.

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