Craft Beer Spotlight: Uno Pizzeria & Grill Bensalem PA

Built in October 2008, Bensalem’s Uno Pizzeria and Grill has the two mainstays that the average consumer wants. Pizza and a variety of beer choices! Peruse the beer list and choose from 27 taps and 34 bottles/can options almost ensures you will find a beer style to hit the spot on these hot summer days.

Thin crust pizza has always been my choice; I love the crunch when I bite into a slice. Uno Pizzeria has 9 options plus a make your own choice. Deep Dish Pizza, pasta, chicken, seafood and other menu options may be enough for most dinners to have a pleasant dining experience. Keep an eye on their events page or sign up for the Insider’s Club to find out when their next beer event is coming up. Beer dinners and brunches will give you some nice pairings to enjoy during your visit. Bring your kids for the craft or painting classes. It may give you a needed break.

The canopied patio is now open and available for your alfresco dining needs or happy hour meetings with your friends. Save money on drinks and enjoy half-priced appetizers.

Open every day, except Thanksgiving and Christmas, the restaurant is just a short stroll across the Neshaminy Mall parking lot. Although not a corporate location, this Bock Group Franchise keeps things changing to avoid boring meals. Uno Pizzeria Grill: Keep the taps flowing & the pizza coming!

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