Craft Beer Spotlight: Surf Taco Jackson NJ

You can’t drive very long into our neighboring New Jersey without spotting a Surf Taco bumper sticker and for good reason! The Coastal Cuisine chain has over a dozen locations in the Garden State and has recently migrated south, popping up in Florida. Their Jackson location has a full-service bar with an emphasis on craft beer. What better to wash down all that good grub?

Step into Surf Taco and you’re immediately relaxed and ready to hang. They’ve adopted the surf vibes of California, Baja, Brazil, and Costa Rica, bringing it to the streets of Jersey. Their commitment to good food and good times is what makes each visit unique. Fresh recipes established in a Seaside kitchen in 2001, Surf Taco is guaranteed to have something for everyone. Home of the Surf Taco, the menu includes tacos, burritos, wraps, salads, smoothies and the freshest salsa and guacamole on the east coast.

They’ve taken that commitment to fresh flavorful food and applied it to their beer menu as well. There’s always an enticing selection of beers on tap with plenty of local options, including Neshaminy Creek so stop in the next time you’re in the area and catch a wave!

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Jackson, NJ

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