February 10th at 7PM, when the TRENTON PUNK ROCK FLEA MARKET at Neshaminy Creek closes, the AFTER PARTY kicks off!

Such Gold is headling with support from Sleep In.YOU VANDAL, and the pride of Philadelphia: GODDAMNIT.

We chatted with Tyler from Goddamnit as the second interview in a series we will be publishing heading into the big show!

For those who may be unfamiliar with Goddamnit, would you please introduce yourself, the other members of the band, and give readers a brief history?

I’m Tyler I play guitar and write a good majority of the musical side of Goddamnit. Arik is the singer and other guitarist who takes care of all the lyrical duties and some of the music, he previously played in Super Hi 5 and runs Creep Records. Our bassist Kyle was previously in the band Buglite that did a good bit of stuff, he’s also our resident beer nerd. Josh our drummer is our newest member we used to work together at a music lessons teaching school. The band has been together for about 6 years now, we have released two LPs and a 7” and done a few tours and look forward to doing more this summer.

As mentioned above, Goddamnit has direct ties to Creep Records from Philadelphia. How do you think owning and operating a record store and record label in the digital age has impacted how you run the band?

It hasn’t changed much but it is great that people are buying records again with great vigor. We should probably be more concerned with the overall business of running our band with the changing industry landscape in mind but honestly, we just like playing and having fun so we try to concentrate on that aspect of it and not get too bogged down by the other things.


It’s obvious by looking over your web presence that a sense of humor is important to the band. In a time (and scene) where many people can take themselves TOO seriously, how does Goddamnit hang onto this levity, and why is it important to you?

Maybe it’s because we’re all a bit older. I’m 34 and the youngest in the band and we’ve all known each other for a while and we’ve sort of watched the nature of the scene change. It’s become a lot more political which I think is good in a lot of ways but for us, it’s definitely not the focus of what we do. Being in a band or really participating in any creative endeavor can be hard and trying at times so we try our best to keep things light for the most part and save the existential heaviness for the riffs and lyrics.

Do you have a favorite beer style and/or NCBC beer you can’t wait to have again on your show here February 10th?

I’ve recently stopped drinking entirely but prior to that, I love the Croydon Cream Ale. Kyle would probably have a cooler answer but for me the CCA was king.

We would like to thank Tyler for taking the time out to speak with us.

Catch Goddamnit on February 10th here at the brewery when they play our TRENTON PUNK ROCK FLEA MARKET AFTER PARTY!

Check out a video of Goddamnit playing our Anniversary Party in 2016 below:

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