Rotation Nation

What’s in a name anyway?

February is going to a busy month for hoppy beer lovers here at Neshaminy Creek! Since we’re in the thick of Winter, why not lay down a HOP BLIZZARD of our own through out the next four weeks and have some fun?

First up is our first true foray into the world of NEIPAs, Rotation Nation.

In the past we’ve flirted with NEIPAs, taking things about the style we love like the late kettle and whirlpool additions drive hop flavor and aroma, and melding it with a bit more firm bitterness like the West Coast-style IPAs that have influenced us since day one. Shape of Haze to Come was our first ‘hybrid’ of sorts, showcasing a toned down bitterness than it’s older brother, The Shape of Hops to Come, with more late kettle and whirlpool hop additions as well as keeping the beer unfiltered with as much residual hop material in the beer without making it look like a turbid mess.  Our session IPA, Keep It On the DL, is made in a similar fashion, and we’re excited to bring that beer to the table as a year-round offering in early April of this year, but more on that at a later date. Keeping these beers fresh is super important for us, and as a brewery that mainly focuses on production distribution, NEIPAs aren’t exactly the type of beer that we’re looking to ship to the market to ensure that.

Enter Rotation Nation, our first truly NEIPA influenced offering coming in a 7.1% ABV and brewed with Flaked Oats, Lactose and late kettle, whirlpool, and dry hopped extensively with Galaxy, Centennial, and Eureka hops.

The easy sell would be to say it’s a “juice bomb,” but isn’t that the point of the style anyway?

Our end result is a beer we’re extremely happy with that has all the features of a NEIPA that we love like the smooth, toned down bitterness, bigger mouthfeel, and over the top hop flavor and aroma of orange peel, stone fruit, and gummy bears.

The name Rotation Nation is a reference to the term we as brewers have gotten all too familiar with when dealing with the constantly changing tap handles and beers at everyone’s favorite local watering hole. Permanent taps and brand loyalty by and large are a thing of the past, and beer drinkers are always looking for variety and the latest releases from the newest breweries. That can a good or a bad thing, you be the judge.

The name is also a reference to this beers birth during the “Boom Cyclone” Winter blizzard that tore up the East Coast a few weeks back, hence the hop blizzard and Old Man Winter blowing the “hop storm” onshore visualized again so well by JP Flexner who always does a great job of making the stupid shit in my head look great on paper.

We’re also looking at changing up the hops in this beer from batch to batch to showcase some of the great new hops out there melded together with some of favorite classic hops and more recognizable new school varieties.

Rotation Nation will only be available at the brewery Tap Room in Croydon and our Borough Brewhouse location in Jenkintown starting Thursday, February 1st at 5PM. We’re expecting to get about 125 to 140 cases from the run, and will be available as 4-packs and draft, ONE CASE limit per customer, $15 per 4-pack, $75/case. Once 4-packs run out we’ll also be making this beer available in crowlers until the draft sells out.

Hold onto your seats because Rotation Nation is only the first release we’ve got coming your way during this ‘hop blizzard’.

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