…And Justice For Alt

Altbier? Yeah, exactly.

Hardly something new around here, but we’ve got an affinity for German beer, and so for our second intra-brewery staff competition we picked German Alt as the style and had our staff have at it.

In German ‘alt’ means old, and references an older style of ale that was (and still is) predominately made in Düsseldorf. A top fermented ale that’s usually conditioned or lagered, Altbiers are malty, but have a noticeable and firm hop bitterness. With notes of toasted bread, I’ve been fond of comparing Altbier to a slice of liquid toast covered in Nutella, sans chocolate.

Production Assistant Dan Neuner’s recipe was chosen from a field of entries and after a little tweaking, we give you …And Justice for Alt, which is more than a play on words and a reference to a Metallica record. For what it’s worth, we think this is a good representation of a style that surely won’t get a whole lot of attention (Where are the hops, man?), but is certainly deserving of it if we have any say in the matter.

…And Justice for Alt is currently on tap at our Croydon Tap Room and Jenkintown Brewhouse, and will be hitting select taps throughout the Philadelphia area very soon.

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