Artist Spotlight: Samiam

For our final ANNIVERSARY ARTIST SPOTLIGHT, we present our event headliners: SAMIAM.

We grew up listening to these guys. Many of us got into punk-rock because of these guys, just like you. And next weekend, June 10th, they will be returning to the area to play our FIVE YEAR ANNIVERSARY, which is also their first Philly-area show in about five years!

While we could stumble over words to talk about how important Samiam is to us, all of you, and the greater punk-rock scene, much of that sentiment was captured in the intro paragraph of their official bio, written by the exquisite Jonah Bayer:

“Samiam are an post-punk/indie rock institution. Forming in Berkeley, California, almost three decades ago, the

group molded their unique style playing early on with bands like Jawbreaker, Seaweed, Green Day and Bad Religion.

Over the years, they had mainstream radio play with songs like “Capsized” and “She Found You”, released eight

full-length albums and continue to play to passionate fans all over the world. Started by Jason Beebout (vocals) and

Sergie Loobkoff (guitar) in 1988, the band’s current lineup also features longtime guitarist/vocalist Sean Kennerly

as well as more recent additions of bassist Chad Darby and drummer Colin Brooks. They have refined their brand

of post-hardcore/alternative/emo/indie rock over the years and are just as powerful now as they were during their

heyday in the late nineties. If anything, they sound more relevant than ever before.”

When we talked to lead singer Jason Beebout about getting the band back together, he seemed quite optimistic, stating: “Having this long distance relationship with 4 dudes who I rarely see but share a long history with and occasionally get together every few months to play old songs and drink beer is super satisfying.”

In regard to future plans for the band, including new tours and/or a new record: “We have a bunch of songs ready whenever I can get myself to squeeze out some words.” And “In the near future, we have a few short trips planned. Hella civilized. It’s great. We get work at our shitty jobs and do regular life things and be miserable and then get in an airplane to go someplace fun to do cool shit and just when you’re about to get sick of it, get back on a plane to go home to take a dump in you’re own toilet.”

Favorite Philly show moment? “I’ve always had fun in Philadelphia. Playing Jc Dobbs in the 90’s was crazy. It was always so packed full of people and tables and shit piled up to the roof when we played there. It was too crowded to be in there so I would just wander around til it was time to play and try not to get beat up. Shows at the Troc with us always seem to follow some odd calamity, like it would rain so hard on the way there that the muffler in our van would get clogged and explode and then blow hot air up through the explosion hole toward the floor, melting the soles of our shoes and heating up all the water that was coming in through the leaky roof and puddling up inside around our feet, turning to steam, making it impossible to see the windshield so we’d have to keep pulling over to cool down so we’d end up arriving late, but just in time to play, aided by an Amish guy in a horse cart, or something else like that.”

Well, Jason, we can assure you, and everyone else, that a lot more people than just a guy with a horse will be here next Saturday, and we will all be super amped up to see you perform again!

For more information on Samiam:

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