Artist Spotlight: Crucial Dudes

We are pleased to have yet another Jump Start Records alumni reuniting for our FIVE YEAR ANNIVERSARY on June 10th: Crucial Dudes.

Crucial Dudes formed in the sweaty basements of Southern New Jersey in the year 2009. Propelled by a high-energy live show, self-released self-titled debut EP, and an “it” factor that is hard to put a finger on, they soon caught the attention of Jump Start Records. On Jump Start, they released a full length, 61 Penn, in 2011, which was met with much acclaim from critics as a refreshing take on the re-surging pop-punk genre. After playing regionally and nationally seemingly non-stop to support this album, something had to give, and it did in 2012. The band called it quits just weeks before a U.S. tour. Following this breakup, Jump Start posthumously released two split EP’s, one with Shared Arms in 2012, and another with HisDayHasCome in 2015.

After three long years, Crucial Dudes reunited in 2015 to play the legendary First Unitarian Church in Philadelphia, selling out the gig almost instantaneously. Since then, they have only played one other Philly-based show and released a two-song single, Shitty Wizard/Weed Demon, in August of last year.

With an unstoppable energy that brings to mind genre greats Kid Dynamite, yet a more acute sense of melody and focus on modern topics and irony (ala Saves the Day and Latterman), Crucial Dudes perfectly defined the genre of pop-punk for a new era of fans. The band currently have no plans to release new material or play more gigs anytime soon, so make sure you are here on June 10th to catch their set and singalong, for what may be the last time.

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