The Shape of Haze Release FAQs + Upcoming Beer Releases

Alright, so the first release of The Shape of Haze to Come is in the bag. Thanks for coming out on such a sweltering and humid day. Now that we’ve got that out of the way, here’s a few house cleaning items regarding how we handle can and limited beer releases at the brewery and what we plan on doing in the future for Haze releases.

Why set a one case limit for a limited beer?

– We rarely have lines and sell out of a limited beer day of release. It does happen, but more times than not it doesn’t. Pretty much all our canned beer releases are one case limits. Nine times out ten we don’t sell out day of, and since this was the first release of Haze, and our only indicator of the potential for this beer to sellout was online, social media traffic, which isn’t the best way to gauge something like this, we kept our typical one case limit in effect. Online buzz is a great thing, but if I believed everything I read and see online and social media I’d be a millionaire married to a Nigerian princess. Moving forward we’ll make adjustments for the next release so more people get the opportunity to purchase this beer.

Why don’t you just make more than 150 cases?

– We’re a production brewery, therefore the focus is the production of our core and flagship beers for sale through our distribution channels. We fit in limited can releases like Haze into our busy production when we can in addition to the availability of raw materials like hops. Making more isn’t always a simple and easy answer.

Why have limited releases on Thursdays at 5PM?

– We’ve gone back and forth between several scenarios and release days in the past. Pretty much all of them suck for one reason or another. We settled on Thursdays at 5PM because at the end of the day it’s the day that sucked the least. We can’t satisfy everyone and no matter what day we pick someone is going to be happy. If Thursdays don’t work for you, then we’re sorry that’s the case, but that’s no different that Saturday mornings not working for someone else. Again, there’s no way to make everyone happy, so it is what is is.

Growler Fills? Available on draft?

– We will not be allowing growler fills on Haze at this time. IT IS still available on draft (at the time of this posting, the afternoon of Friday, May 19th) at the Tap Room and WILL be available on draft at The Borough Brewhouse in Jenkintown next week.

When are we brewing Haze again?

– Soon. Very Soon. Look for another batch as well as a variant on Haze in the next month.

Moving on…

Next Thursday, May 25th at 5PM we’re releasing the next batch of one of our favorites, Dank Hill Wheat DIPA.

Leading up to this batch of Dank Hill we’ve been playing around with dry hopping methods and our centrifuge. Haze was the most recent version of our dry hopping process and using our centrifuge. For this batch of Dank Hill, we used a similar method, only this time we spun the beer into the CO2 purged tank for the first dry hop of Simcoe and Equinot, and then dry hopped the second time in our traditional dry hopping method through the hop port on the top of our fermenter. We then racked the beer off both dry hop additions and packaged directly after that. Similar to Haze, but different.

Whatever resulting haze is 100% double dry hop haze. No trub, no yeast. In my opinion this particular batch is really heavy on the grapefruit and pineapple notes with some background pine-like resin. At 9% ABV it isn’t a crusher, but it certainly drinks like one.

150 total cases, 1 case limit, $22 a six-pack, $75 a case. We haven’t sold out of this beer day of release in a long time, hence the case limit. We’re not making it again for another three months as well, so make sure to grab a case or sixer while you can. A very limited amount of draft will be hitting the SEPA and NJ markets as well, so be on the lookout.

We’ll also be serving up and selling bottles of our Philly Beer Scene Awards beer on Thursday the 25th. It’s an all Pennsylvania malt version of our award winning Churchville Lager brewed with 100% Pennsylvania malted barley from Alan and the great folks over at Double Eagle Malt. We’re stoked on how it came out and think it’s a great warm weather BBQ pounder (albeit, in 22-ounce bottles). Limited bottles available for $5 each, no bottle limit.

Until next time remember, IT’S JUST BEER.

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