Artist Spotlight: Divide By Zero

Divide by Zero

After years of gigs and two EP releases, Chicago’s Divide By Zero landed with Jump Start Records for their debut full-length, “Answer To No One” in 2005. The album, which calls together the midwestern “drive” and urgency of acts such as Off With Their Heads, Texas is the Reason and Chicago’s own The Lawrence Arms, stood out for its calculated expression and usage of angst, coupled with melodic undertones. It can be considered a true snapshot of the mid-2000s independent music scene in the Windy City.

But just as the wind continues to gust, the march of time continues on too. This, of course, leaves many aging musicians, no matter their talent or current appeal, to the realization that the old saying “Punk Rock Doesn’t Pay the Bills” may actually hold some water.

As such, Divide by Zero decided to hang up their sweated-through black tee’s, guitar straps, and sticks for a few years. All of this, until a call from an old friend, Jeremy Myers (co-owner of Neshaminy Creek Brewing Co. and Jump Start Records), came in to discuss a reunion opportunity for them.

When asked about this contact from Jeremy, members of the band commented that, “…if not for his request, who knows how long it may have been since we tried something like this!”

They also mentioned that it’s “Not that life has been ‘dull’ since DBZ broke up….(but) it sure is different. Waking up at 3 AM to change newborn baby diapers, midnight hockey games, replacing 10 foot gutters on new homes… (and that there are benefits to) having insurance and long term security. This Reunion has given the four of us a chance to drink some beers and laugh till we cry.”

And that “Our interest in music and our pride in what DBZ had accomplished has never wavered.  The anniversary show, and the rehearsals leading up to it, are probably the best trips down memory lane we could ask for!”

We at Neshaminy Creek Brewing are proud to have Divide by Zero REUNITING for our FIVE YEAR ANNIVERSARY Celebration on June 10th. It’ll be an honor to hear some of our favorite tunes of the last TEN YEARS played live once again, and if nothing else, to share some beers with old friends…even if they are getting all, you know, emotional about it.


Grab your limited VIP Passes to the Anniversary by CLICKING HERE and RSVP to the event on Facebook HERE.


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