Garrett Klahn (Texas is the Reason) Interview


We conducted an email-based interview with Garrett ahead of his upcoming show at the Tap Room.

Check out what he had to say below and make sure to COME SEE HIM PERFORM LIVE on May 19th!

1. For anyone who may not be familiar with you, give me a little background of who you are and your music career?

I am the ghost of Garrett Travis Klahn. An Eternal resident of NYC. Have been touring and recording for over 20 years. I discovered the muse at an early age and have literally chased her around the world. My first solo album was released last year on Rise Records. Before that I was a member of Solea, Atlantic/Pacific & Texas is the Reason (and a slew of even lesser known outfits)

2. A bunch of the NCBC staff are old fans of Texas is The Reason. How did the reunion shows come about? Did you keep in touch with everyone between the original breakup and reunion? Was anyone outside the band an influence in making the reunion come together?

Keeping in mind we were in our early 20’s when the band broke up in 1997, things were a little salty leading up to and immediately after. But I think I can speak for the other boys and say that once the shock wore off we were back to being friends. We’ve always stayed in touch and I consider them family. The ten year anniversary shows in NYC in 2006 were just that; a celebration of the album in our hometown. Something we never got to do when it was initially released because we were always on tour somewhere else. The shows that followed in 2012/13 coincided with the release of the discography on Revelation Records. Since there was technically ‘new’ music to share we thought a little drive around the block was in order. I would say friends and family were the ones to push us to play again. Every one of those shows was like a beautiful, extended dream. Life affirming stuff for us after all those years.

3. What do you think are some pro/cons/differences between playing in bands in the 1990’s through your time with Texas is The Reason compared to nowadays? Besides the fact that you are older!

Ha! Well, mobile phones and wifi would have made things a little easier back then. But we did just fine with actual road maps, phone cards, Kinko’s and fax machines. It still felt like the underground back then to an extent. Now there is so much out there that you really have to dig to find the real gems. At the same time, I’ve toured more in the last 5 years than I ever did in my 20’s and it still feels fresh and exciting.

4, What are you listening to nowadays? Any new bands inspiring you? Have a new fond appreciation from an artist in the past?

An amazing band from the Czech Republic called Manon Meurt. They are young and hungry and make quite a noise. Epic stuff. Have Gun, Will Travel is another group of dear friends from Florida that have been putting out solid albums for years. Sometimes I am lucky enough to moonlight with them as a side member. They would be a good choice for the Tap Room! New stuff? I loved the Leon Bridges album, stoked to see what he does next. I’m digging the new Afghan Whigs single. Can’t wait for the new Broken Social Scene stuff to come out. As for old favorites, lots of old reggae and country and jazz. At home, I trend to listen to music on shuffle, a product of growing up in the 80’s and being glued to the radio.

5. If you could pick anyone that you would want to play a show that you haven’t shared a stage with, who would it be and why? Also what venue would you want to have the show?

Do these people have to be alive, or can it be a dead or alive wish list type thing? If so I pick The Staple Singers, an old gospel/singing group. I would love to hear Pop’s guitar sound in person and maybe sing some back up’s with the girls. If these fictitious people must be alive I’ll pick Tom Petty & The Heartbreakers…just because! For the venue, refer to question #6.

6. What are some of your favorite spots you visited on tour? Any cities/towns that you remember visiting that almost made you want to move there?

I love hitting the Pacific Northwest, Oregon & Washington. Central Europe has always been good to me. I just got back from Japan and it was a game changer. My favorite venue I’ve ever played in (was) called The Walhalla Theatre in Wiesbaden, Germany. It was a crumbling old dancehall originally built in the 1800’s that somehow survived thru the years. The lovely owner told us that Dostoevsky brought his dates there and that Elvis hung out there when he was stationed in Germany. Filled with history and dreamy vibes and the best natural reverb in the world. Sadly it closed earlier this year.

7. Any special new projects in the works? Are you mostly focusing on the solo albums?

I’m about to go down the rabbit hole to dream up solo album #2. The Tap Room show will be my last in the states before I head to Europe for the summer to stretch out the new songs on the road and record some demos. Hopefully, LP2 will appear before the end of 2017.

8. Are you a craft beer fan? What kind of styles of beer do you like? Any particular favorite brewery?

Craft beer is a new thing for me so I’m looking forward to getting schooled by you guys. A lot of my friends are more stoked that I’m playing at your brewery than the are for the actual show. I’ve got a list of people who want photos and descriptions of everything so I’m hoping I get a tour of the place!

Many thanks to Garrett for the interview- we are super excited to see him May 19th- and know you all are too!

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