Craft Beer Spotlight: Tap at Humboldt Beer Depot


Tap at Humboldt Beer Depot, located in the Hazleton area, is truly a beer-centric establishment. If you are looking for a comfortable atmosphere with great food, excellent live music, and friendly yet knowledgeable staff, your search will certainly end here. This isn’t your run of the mill beer joint, hosting only domestic staples; rather a craft beer enthusiast’s dream. Their 24 tap system boasts 5 full-time brews (one of which is Neshaminy Creek’s own, Highwater Hefeweizen) as well as 20 rotating faucets.


In addition, their bottle menu is never stagnant, containing rare and limited items among other craft brew flagships. This wide array of taste and style is complimented by an assortment of fine bourbons and delicious paninis. It’s apparent that Tap cares about beer, but more importantly, cultivating an enjoyable atmosphere where patrons have the opportunity to drink, eat, and converse with others who share a passion for artisanal brews.


Join us on May 12th for a Neshaminy Creek Tap event and see for yourself what Tap at Humboldt Beer has to offer!

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