Craft Beer Spotlight: The Hulmeville Inn


The Hulmeville Inn (The ‘Ville) was originally built to serve as hotel and coach stop between Philadelphia and Trenton over two hundred years ago. You will not find a sign that says “George Washington Slept Here” but he would have stopped in for a beer if he could have.

Some of the local patrons still refer to this as Marek’s Café but I call it my home bar due to an outstanding selection of craft, microbrew beers and the standard beer offerings. You will find something to please most beer drinkers with a constantly changing beer selection. The Hulmeville Inn goes thru a keg in hours (Pliny the Elder kegs kick in under two hours on a slow day) which would be disappointing if the replacements aren’t worthy of a trip for a beer and a burger. With an average of 575 different kegs being tapped every year, you will probably be able to find something that will hit the spot anytime you come in.


The ‘Ville is home to The ALEiens Homebrew Club ( that meets on the last Tuesday of the month. Stop in if you’re interested in learning how to homebrew or just want to talk to someone to satisfy your curiosity. Being named “Best Bar in the ‘Burbs” for five years in a row is just one of the accolades the bar has received. The 2010, 2011, & 2012 “Philly Beer Geek” winners call this little corner of heaven their home bar.

Stop in for Happy Hour, 4-6pm, during the week, $5 dollar burgers on Thursday and a Happy Hour buffet on Friday. If Quizzo is your game, Monday and Thursday are the nights to stop in.


I was specifically asked by someone I can’t name but the initials are Jeff Lavin… to mention the dashing and handsome owner of The Hulmeville Inn…


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