Craft Beer Spotlight: Trolley Tap House


Our philosophy at Tap House has always been about spreading the craft beer gospel in a fun and laid back way. Since day one, we have encouraged our guests to drink outside the box and try beers from all over the world. One way we achieve this is by not offering beers that are many people’s go to’s. Sometimes that’s what it takes for people to break out of their comfort zones and avoid potentially living their whole lives drinking the same beer or ignoring other super worthy beers. Offering recommendations and sampling guests on beers that are similar to the beers they normally drink is another great way to catapult people into the world of beer. One of my favorite things to do is sample regulars on beers I know are out of their comfort zones and maybe they’ll find out they like a particular style they didn’t think they would like.

In my travels, I have found that drinking beer is the best way to connect with locals and experience some of that particular area’s history through the eyes of the beer-holder, especially in Europe where it is so steeped in beer history and tradition.


If you want to broaden your craft beer horizons, come into Trolley Tap House and we’ll always make sure you leave liking new beer.

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