The Shape of Hops to Come Going Full-Time

Shape of Hops to Come

For the better part of the last two and half years, one constant request we’ve heard via email, social media, or in person in the brewery Tap Room or at events is, “When are you going to start making The Shape of Hops to Come available full-time?”

The time is now.

In early January we announced that we were going to make Shape available three times in 2017 instead of twice like last year’s two large distribution shipments/drops. Originally, after going through our hop contracts for 2017 and beyond we felt like we could make Shape available three times over the course of 2017 with monthly availability of can four-packs and cases at the brewery with relative ease. After going over our contracts again and assessing the hop market beyond our contracts for the next 30 months, we’re very excited to announce that starting March 1st, 2017 The Shape of Hops to Come Imperial IPA will be a regular, full-time offering from Neshaminy Creek Brewing.

Even better is that starting in 2017 our hop contracts enable us to finally do harvest selection for the critical hops that are used in The Shape of Hops to Come, which will further enable us to us the hops with the exact flavor and aromatic qualities that we’re looking for; something very crucial when using hops like Simcoe and Citra. No longer are our contracts delivered by the whim of what’s available for our contract rather than the exact hops that we choose each year.

Starting Wednesday, March 1st expect to start seeing The Shape of Hops to Come at finer craft beer stores in Pennsylvania, Delaware, New Jersey, and New York. If they don’t have it, tell them that his beer is now available year-round!

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