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With the January release of our Woodford Reserve Double Oak Bourbon barrel aged version of Frühstück Stout, we kicked off 2017 with an extremely small batch version of our breakfast stout brewed which was brewed for the first, and only time in early 2016. We’re extremely proud of that beer, and are eagerly looking forward to an extremely busy barrel aged release schedule in 2017. That being said, up next is our Bourbon Barrel Aged Winter Wheat Wine aged in Woodford Reserve Bourbon barrels (not to be confused with the Woodford Double Oak barrels used for Frühstück), available for the first time ever on Thursday, February 16th at 5PM.

In case you didn’t get a chance to try our Winter Wheat Wine in 2016, you can check out 2017’s version currently available on draft in the brewery Tap Room as well as select craft beer establishments throughout our distribution territory (expect it to hit Jersey the first week of March).

If you’re not familiar with Wheat Wine-style ales they’re similar to their Barleywine cousins in that they’re big, malt-forward beers usually dominated by notes of toast, biscuit, chewy caramel, and depending on the type of yeast used, dark fruit like raisin, fig, and plum. We’d like to think ours is no different, with the Bourbon barrel aged version taking all those flavors to another level complimented botes notes of vanilla, hints of spice, and a mellow oak conditioning.

This limited first release is of 600 bottles and a very small, select amount (think 2 or 3 kegs) making it out to choice Neshaminy Creek accounts for select events in the coming weeks/months. Limit two per customer, bottles are $18/each.

We’re so happy with this beer we decided the first five Bourbon barrels filled in 2016 weren’t enough, so we tucked about 12 Four Roses barrels from this year’s batches away for a nice slumber.

Since we’re on the topic of our 2017 barrel aged beer releases, we’ve got a few upcoming releases you might want to keep your eyes peeled for, including Four Roses Bourbon Barrel Aged Leon Russian Imperial Stout, Woodford Reserve Barrel Aged Baltic Porter (two separate blends/releases), the second blend of our In the Midnight Sour barrel soured Belgian Dubbel, the second release of Half Truth Sour Ale, and more!

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