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It’s been a busy few weeks around these parts, and hopefully, you’ve been keeping tabs on some of our latest seasonal and limited releases. Thanks to everyone that’s stopped for a beer, grabbed a few bottles and/or cans, and as always, thanks for all the feedback, we truly appreciate it.

Moving right along, here’s a run through on this week’s release of Dank Hill Wheat Double IPA.

Dank Hill Wheat DIPA has quickly become one of our favorites around these parts. This big, juicy, and tropical wheat double IPA was originally brewed on our small pilot system about a year ago and has grown into one of our more anticipated brewery only can and draft releases. This week’s release will only be the fourth time we’ve been able to make this beer available in cans. Besides a small amount of limited draft that’ll be making it’s way to select accounts in SEPA, Pennsylvania, and Delaware, this is once again a limited, brewery only release and we’re expecting to get roughly 150 cases off the canning line. Cases are $75 and six-packs are $22.

Speaking of craft beer….

Lately, there seems to be a lot of questions on our social media regarding lines for our limited beer releases, ‘hype beers’, ‘chair gate’, you name it. So, to set the record straight…

We rarely sell out of our limited brewery only releases day of release, and honestly, that’s perfectly fine with us. It’s our intention to get as much our beer into the hands of those that want it, which is why we’re making an announcement shortly about The Shape of Hops to Come that we think you’re going to be really stoked about. We’re also working on making some of the limited beers we’ve been releasing as a brewery only in bigger quantities for future releases, including some of our more highly sought after barrel aged beers and hoppy pale ales. More on that, very soon.

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