Neshaminy Creek Expansion to Jenkintown & More


Alright, the cat’s somewhat out of the bag on this one now that there’s been a post on, so here we go. But, before we go too far…

What’s going on with our previously announced Fishtown location on Frankford Avenue?


Our Landlord for the property located at 957 Frankford Avenue, next to The Barbary and directly across the street from The Fillmore, terminated our lease due to their dissatisfaction in our ability to receive the necessary zoning and use permits from the City of Philadelphia in an agreeable timeframe. We did everything within our power to keep this location, but in the end, it was the Landlord who refused payment of a pro-rated rent payment for a unit we, at the time, weren’t legally allowed to occupy, that killed the deal. We were tentatively scheduled for an FNA community meeting on December 6th followed by a ZBA appeals hearing the following day and had agreed to pay a pro-rated rent amount for 137 days to keep the lease. This was unsatisfactory to the Landlord.

Good luck to anyone that wants to occupy that location and work with a Landlord that thinks it’s possible to get a zoning and use permit in the City of Philadelphia in 60 days.

All this being said, for those of you that may be bummed about that location not happening, we’re currently in talks for another Fishtown location that we’re even more excited about. We’ve got a beautiful 10HL Steinecker brewhouse waiting in a warehouse in Germany with Fishtown’s name written all over it. More on that soon.

Now, onto Jenkintown.


At the moment we’re in more than just talks for the purchase of the previous Guild Hall Brewing location at 208 York Road, Jenkintown. We have signed an Agreement of Sale and have a scheduled closing date of February 17th. Barring any legal or bank issues, that should be a solid date, but in this crazy world, anything is possible. We’ve been working on this deal a long time, actually as long, and concurrently at the same time as the previous and now new Fishtown negotiations. We’re really excited to be taking over this location, and look forward to bringing this beautiful Jenkintown space and brewhouse back to life!



So, there you have it, from the horse’s mouth. More details on this as soon as we get to the 17th and everything is final.

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  1. […] purchase of the location was supposed to occur on February 17, barring any hurdles and obstacles.   Hopefully it went through and we’ll get more information […]

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