Upcoming 2017 Can and Bottle Releases

2017 is shaping up to be a really fun year here at the Creek. We’ve got a ton of barrel aged beers and limited can releases coming up, and here are the first two going down Thursday, January 26th:

Woodford Reserve Double Oak Bourbon Barrel Aged Frühstück Stout

In early 2016 we released Frühstück, our draft only breakfast stout brewed with Rise Up coffee. We tucked a small amount of that liquid away in Woodford Reserve Double Oak Bourbon barrels and we’re really excited about the results. In my opinion, this is our best barrel aged beer to date. Aged for eight months then conditioned on cocoa nibs and more coffee another month, this barrel aged version comes in at a hefty 10.5% ABV with huge notes of espresso, sweet chocolate, vanilla, and a hint of cinnamon spice. Perfect for that early morning pick me up with some Krispy Kremes or a late nightcap for a cozy winter’s rest.  600 total bottles, two per customer limit, $18 per bottle.

Blitzkrieg Hops DIPA

Blitzkrieg Lineup

2017’s release of Blitzkrieg Hops necessitated a giant overhaul on this beer because of the availability of some of the hops we’ve used.  It became apparent that two of the four hops used in this beer weren’t going to be available to us for production this year, so instead of simply just substituting hops, we decided to rework pretty much everything about the hops used in this beer.

For starters, we’re not releasing can cases of Blitzkrieg Hops to distribution this year. It will only be available in cases and 4-packs at the brewery. Limited draft will be shipped to key accounts in SEPA and NJ, so be on the lookout.

Second, the entire hop profile for this beer has been changed. No longer being able to source all of the original hops used to create this brew, we decided to not only use different hops when necessary, but change entirely how this beer is hopped in the kettle and fermenters.

If you’ve paid much attention to Neshaminy Creek’s hoppy IPAs and pale ales you’ve hopefully noticed an evolution from our flagship, County Line IPA, and it’s ‘traditional’ hoping schedule similar to those that inspired it’s creation to some of our more recent offerings.  Every hoppy beer at Neshaminy Creek has been built differently, almost in a linear path from West Coast style IPAs to New England IPAs; less emphasis on early kettle bittering additions and more emphasis on late kettle or whirlpool flavor and aroma hopping (although we haven’t gotten to late whirlpool only additions quite yet). On top of that, for the most part, save for a few releases, we’ve always clarified our beers in one way or another (extensive tank cold conditioning, biofine, or centrifuging), landing us much more squarely in the West Coast camp than the hazy (and sometimes overly turbid) beers that are hyper popular these days. We’ve never had a thing against hazy beers (we’ve certainly had a thing against turbid shelf turds), but our concerns have always been more in line with those of a production brewery where shelf life and consistency are more important than concocting ‘fresh’ and ‘hazy’ beers that shouldn’t have been packaged or don’t last more than two or three weeks in a can or growler (and don’t get me started on growlers and why you shouldn’t be using them).

Since we had to rebuild Blitzkrieg from the ground up we decided to do a complete one-eighty and brew this first batch of 2017 more along the path we’ve been following for the better part of the last four years. It still has Admiral and Target hops, but since we couldn’t source enough Pilgrim, and Phoenix decided to go in a completely different direction with the use of Topaz, Motueka, and Calypso. Besides a small bittering first wort addition, no hops touch this kettle until nearly the end of the boil pushing the envelope more and more towards flavor, aroma, and any potential late kettle utilization.

Unlike any other beer we’ve made in the past we then decided to send Blitzkrieg through our centrifuge before double dry hopping for fourteen days with Motueka and Calypso. The end result is a purely hop induced hazy beer (no yeast or protein haze) that all the cool kids these days would call ‘juicy,’ ‘dank,’ and ‘crushable,’ even at such a high ABV. Someone could make a million dollars coining and trademarking new cliche terms for the craft beer industry, but none the less, that’s what we’re talking about here. Huge citrus and stone fruit character that is very tropical.

This will be the first of three Blitzkrieg Hops releases in 2017. 150 total cases, one case per customer limit, $62/case, $13/four-pack.

And for those that are wondering, February’s limited, brewery only can release will be Dank Hill Wheat DIPA.

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