Craft Beer Spotlight – Lantern Hall


Lantern Hall is one of those places that upon discovering you think, how? Located right off the Morgan L subway you can see its sign hanging in a curious glow… everything else in sight are warehouses, factories, and concrete plants. The neighborhood formerly known as the Industrial Park has since the 90’s evolved more into an artist driven environment, transforming most of the warehouses into lofts and studio spaces and among the musicians, designers, photographers a new demographic has emerged, beer geeks.

Craft beer is on the rise in New York and some of the best brewed beers are coming straight out of Bushwick. The concept of Lantern Hall is to keep it craft and local. The 14 rotating taps are carefully selected to give an array of tastes from deep upstate to right up the block. Celebrating one year open this December, Lantern has seen breweries open in every direction, something that has not happened in Bushwick for 40 years. With the enormous beer community building and an ever growing thirsty and curious neighborhood, again the question how, comes to mind. How did they know they were just what this neighborhood needed?

With an oversized projection of N64, dozens of board and card games, throwback burger and tots and a “nothing’s too weird” event space mentality this bar contradicts that pretentious air you’re often met with in Manhattan craft beer bars. While Brooklyn has plenty of its own attitude, Lantern Hall does not, rather inspires a relaxed cool environment where people and product are celebrated, respected and encouraged to grow collectively en masse with the ever changing neighborhood.




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