Brewer Spotlight Interview w/Erik Walp aka Meat

In preparation for our October Brewer Spotlight at the brewery with our Director of Quality Control, Erik Walp, we asked him a few questions about his beer background, hobbies and what’s up with Rusted Root?
Please give me a brief summary of how you got involved with brewing beer?
As a senior at Penn State I was working part-time in a lab.  My boss who brewed his own beer, as well as made his own wine, cheese and sauerkraut, gave me a 5 gallon carboy and said, “You should use this to brew beer.”  My roommate also owned Papazian’s Joy of Homebrewing book.  These two things were the perfect storm and I was homebrewing shortly after graduation, over 10 years ago.
What is your favorite style of beer to brew and/or drink?
I like to brew and drink pretty much any style – the styles I brew the most seem to be Rauchbier, IPA, stouts and porters.
What is your favorite Neshaminy Creek Brewing beer?
Oktoberfest and the Coffee Vanilla Porter we did for our anniversary a few years ago.
What is your favorite beer from another brewery?
Ah man, that is hard.  The only beer i usually buy by the case is Troeg’s Nugget Nectar.
What are some of your hobbies outside of work?
Well before I had kids and bought a house, my hobbies included biking, reading and homebrewing.  Now my hobbies seem to be fixing shit and eating half eaten bananas.
If you weren’t working for a brewery, what do you think you would doing for work?
I’d probably still be doing medical research and zoning out of presentations about disease and pathways to think about beer.
If there was any brewery in the world that you would wish to visit, what brewery would it be and why?
I’ve already been to many, many breweries in the US, so I’d have to say Cantillon.  From what I’ve heard it is a quaint, magical place steeped in tradition.  
How did you get the nickname “Meat”?
According to somebody here, there is a movie where the rookie is nicknamed Meat.  I have not seen this movie, but since I was the first brewer hired here, the rookie, it kind of just stuck.
What is your favorite Rusted Root song?
Apparently if you listen to anything other than metal around here you are the world’s biggest Rusted Root, Coldplay and Nickelback fan.  That said, I did go through a small RR phase and I don’t regret it………Send Me On My Way.
How many times did u lift your shirt over your head when you were bottling County Line IPA?
Haha, one time.  One is all you need.

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