Logic & Reason Saison Bottle Release

Logic & Reason Label

Besides the can case releases of The Shape of Hops to Come and Ecomis DIPA this month, we’ve got two other limited bottle releases we’re really excited about. The first is scheduled for Wednesday, July 20th at 4 PM (when doors open) for Logic & Reason Saison, our dry hopped mixed culture oak foudre fermented Saison.

Logic & Reason is fermented in one of our three oak foudres there were previously used at a Napa Valley winery to age and store red wine. We ferment with no temperature control entirely in wood with a mixed culture of traditional Saison yeast and two different strains of Brettanomyces. The result is a refreshing, fruity, dry, and tart Saison with notes of mild funk, oak, and complemented with a different dry hop combo each release. For our first bottle release we dry hopped this batch with Equinox and Mandarina Bavaria that contribute more citrus, tropical, and stone fruit character that would make you think this ale was fermented with or on fruit, but you’d be wrong.

We have 300 bottle conditioned/carbonated, corked, and capped bottles available, and they are $12/each, limit two per customer. Brewery only, no reserves, no off-premise distribution, next batch won’t be available until sometime this Fall.

An announcement about our second limited bottle release is coming shortly, but expect a Christmas in July release!

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