Ecomis DIPA Can Release 1.0

Ecomis DIPA Label

Thanks to everyone that came out last Friday for our first Shape of Hops to Come can release of 2015. We’ll be releasing fresh cases of this each month from now until December, as well as another large drop to our wholesalers in SEPA and NJ the first week of October, so don’t worry, you should be able to find this beer, somehow, somewhere. The next Shape of Hops to Come release at the brewery will be 07/15, and if all goes well with the Ecomis release this week, will more than likely will start at the same time on Friday, July 15th. As for that…

It’s fairly obvious that Neshaminy Creek takes it’s cues for hop forward beer from our friends on the West Coast, and this beer is no different. The influence and inspiration for this Simcoe forward Double IPA comes from one of our favorite beer and pizza shops from SoCal, and some of it’s ex-Pats who have migrated East and continue to craft citrus, and tropical IPAs that are juicy, dank, bold, crisp, and bright. With so much hop flavor and aroma it’s easy to overlook the big ABV as well, sort of like a big bowl of tropical fruit salad with a side of awesome.

We’re going to try something different for the can case release of Ecomis. We’ve had a lot of feedback about or releases, first from people that can’t get here on Saturdays because of work, or other family obligations, and we’ve also heard the same about Friday releases. We’ve also dealt with some issues with our neighbors concerning parking on Fridays when we do can releases at noon, so we’re going to try something different for Ecomis this coming Friday, July 8th. To try a happy medium between those that work on Friday and can’t make 12 Noon releases, and those that can’t get here on Saturdays, we’re going to begin Ecomis sales at 5:30 PM on Friday. We expect to have about 150 cases, $22 six-packs, $75 cases, limit one case per person. No reserves, once it’s gone, it’s gone until the next time we make it.

In the end remember, IT’S JUST BEER.

Hope to see you there!

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