Shape of Hops to Come Release Friday July 1st


July is coming up quickly. That means it’s almost time for the release of The Shape of Hops to Come!

Since we may get a million phone calls  and emails asking, here’s the run down of how we’re going to release SHC this year…

First off, new for 2016, we’re only going to make two distribution shipments/drops to SEPA and New Jersey. SEPA will be getting 1000 cases and New Jersey will be getting 600 cases along with draft the first week of July followed by another identical drop the first week of October. That’s all she wrote for the entire year, so don’t be ‘that guy’. Grab some when you can because it more than likely won’t last long.

In between those drops we’ll have can cases available each month here at the brewery, and we’ll make appropriate announcements on our website and social media so you’ll have fair warning about each release.

We’ve decided to release SHC in this manner this year for two main reasons. First, our wholesales prefer dealing with two larger shipments over six months rather than several smaller, harder to predict shipments spread out in the same timeframe. Second, brewing SHC this way doesn’t effect our normal production nearly as much as spreading it across a six month period, i.e., making it easier to plan and more predictable on our end. Instead of messing with our production for six months it only effects it for four weeks spread out over six months.

We’re also changing the brewery purchase limit to one case per customer from the previous year’s release limit of three six-packs per customer. Pricing this year is $13/four-pack and $62/case, and four-packs and cases go on sale at the brewery Friday, July 1st.

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