A Good Problem to Have Release 3.0 and More…


It’s been just over two weeks since our last A Good Problem DIPA can/case release and I’m just now catching up on some neglected updates around here. First off, thank you to everyone that came out on the 13th and grabbed a case or six-pack, especially considering how frigidly cold it was with daytime temps not even hitting 20 degrees. Brrrrrrr.

Quick recap….

– The one case per customer limit seemed to work well, and that’s definitely something we’re going to continue with in the future. We sold through 90% of the 330+ cases by closing on Sunday, which ain’t too bad considering the weather and case limit.

– Thank you for your patience while waiting in the Tap Room for sales to begin. Pennsylvania state law and regulations for our license type do not allow us to sell alcohol for on or off-premise sales until 12 PM daily. Trust me when I say that if we were allowed by law to sell you a few pints before 12 PM, we surely would have.

– Again, can cases of A Good Problem to Have DIPA will only ever be available for sale at the brewery. If you see any retail account in the area selling cans, six-packs, or cases of this beer please let us know.

– A limited amount of draft kegs of A Good Problem to Have DIPA have been shipped to a few of our wholesale partners in Pennsylvania.  So far only 10 sixtels have left the building and have been popping up at some of our favorite bars and supporters over the past two weeks. Grab a pint while you can.

So, what about the next release? 

Glad you asked.

Because of our production schedule and hop availability we were able to squeak a 30 barrel tank of A Good Problem to Have DIPA in just before the last can release, which means the next release is just around the corner.  Mark your calendars for Saturday, March 12th! You won’t want to miss this release because we won’t be able to brew another tank of A Good Problem to Have until the middle of April with an expected release in mid-to-late May. Bummer, right?

So, very simply, don’t miss out on the next A Good Problem to Have release Saturday, March 12th, doors at 12 PM (unless its frigidly cold again), 1 case per customer limit, $75/case. Like the first release we’re looking at around 160 to 170 cases available. Based on the last release this will more than likely sell out on the first day, not in hours like the first release (which had a two case limit), but it will sell out the first day so make plans accordingly because this won’t around again until late Spring.

But wait, that’s not all…

Just before the first can release of A Good Problem to Have DIPA this past December we released a small batch wheat double IPA by the name of Dank Hill available only in the brewery Tap Room. Fermented with the highly touted Vermont or ‘Conan’ ale yeast strain now made famous by…..well, you know who, Dank Hill was, appropriately, dank, and very tropical with notes of peaches, grapefruit, and mango. Constructed entirely differently than all our other IPAs; not so big on the early kettle/bittering hops and a lot more focus on the late kette/whirlpool and dry hops, we hopped this beer into oblivion with Chinook, Simcoe, Equinox, and Citra to the tune of twice as much hop per barrel as A Good Problem to Have and nearly three times more than The Shape of Hops to Come. The whirlpool and dry hop alone are more than the total hop bill used in our flagship County Line IPA.

Get ready, we’re bring this hop monster back, and we’re bring it to cans!

Saturday, March 26th we’ll be releasing can cases ands six-packs of Dank Hill Wheat DIPA at the brewery ONLY. A limited amount of draft to the tune of 8 to 10 sixtels will also be sent to distribution as well. We’re anticipating about 160 cases will be available at the brewery.  Cases will be $90/each, 6-Packs are $25/each and again we’re going to set a 1 case per customer limit for this release. Like all releases, we’ll re-evaluated this limit for any future releases based on response.

Dank Hill Wheat DIPA

We were going to wait until later in the year to release this beer in cans based on our can producer’s current production schedule, but we didn’t want to wait five months to bring this beast back so we figured out a way to configure the labeler we use on our bottling line to work with our canning line to be able to bring this beer to you ‘sooner than later.’

Two hop bomb can releases in one month, stick of butter not included. March is gonna be a rager.

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