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It’s probably getting to sound like a broken record around here, but to say things have been hectic and busy would be an understatement. Speaking of records, do yourself a favor and go pick up the debut LP from Beach Slang, featuring our resident badass illustrator and graphic designer, JP Flexner, on drums. Oh, and grab a copy of the 180 gram vinyl before they’re all gone! https://beachslang.bandcamp.com/album/the-things-we-do-to-find-people-who-feel-like-us.

Alright, down to business…

This past Tuesday saw the arrival of four brand new lagering tanks, which are the last four remaining tanks being built by Pioneer Tank & Vessel for this current expansion project. We can’t thank Kevin, Brad, and everyone at Pioneer enough for doing such a kick ass job with these tanks! We hope to have these new tanks online in the next two weeks, and with that our total fermentation capacity is now 900 BBLs, with an additional 270 BBLs of lagering tanks and 120 BBLs of brite beer storage. At this point three years ago we only had 180 BBLs of fermentation capacity. What a wild ride it’s been. At our current pace we should hit about 13,000 BBLs brewed this year, which is more than three times last year’s 4,552 BBLs.

Lagering Tanks

Because of the added capacity we’re now brewing on three shifts a day, 24 hours a day, five days a week, with additional brewing and packaging now taking place on weekends as well. What this means is you should start to see our beer more often in places like SEPA and NJ and back in stock after a five month hiatus in places like Central and Northeast PA. First shipments to Central and Northeast PA since March of this year will be taking place this coming week, and our intention is continue to supply these areas with fresh beer as consistently and continuously as possible. It also means that one and only one shipment of The Shape of Hops to Come Imperial IPA will be making it’s way to these areas this year. A limited number of cases will be shipped to our Central and Northeast PA distributors in the next two weeks and that’ll be it until 2016.

Speaking of The Shape of Hops to Come, we’ve got three more tanks of Shape left for 2015, which will constitute about 400 cases and draft for the remainder of the year. With 61 days left in the year that’ll be all she wrote for 2015 and this beer’s availability. Get it while you can.

No, we’re not going to make The Shape of Hops to Come a year round beer. Please visit our earlier post regarding hop contracts, etc. if you feel the need to understand why we can’t and aren’t going to do this any time soon.

Continuing on the trend of limited beers, if you’ve stopped by the brewery Tap Room over the past three months you may have tried our Tap Room only Double IPA, A Good Problem to Have. As we’ve mentioned in the past, this 7.7% ABV brew hopped with dank Simcoe, Amarillo, Equinox, and Chinook hops is going to be made available in 16 oz. cans on a limited basis, FIVE TIMES A YEAR, AT THE BREWERY ONLY. We just received our first shipment of A Good Problem to Have 16 ounce cans so expect the first can release of this Double IPA in December, just in time for an early holiday gift to your favorite hop head or yourself. Unlike The Shape of Hops to Come, we are going to make A Good Problem to Have available in six-packs and case sales AT THE BREWERY ONLY, NO OFF PREMISE DISTRIBUTION, with a two case per customer limit. Each release will be roughly 200 cases, and based on the reaction and feedback we’ve gotten from the Tap Room, it won’t last long. Expect a tentative brewery release date of SATURDAY, DECEMBER 12TH.

A Good Problem to Have DIPA

We plan to release this beer roughly once every two to three months throughout the year, and again, NO OFF PREMISE, OUTSIDE DISTRIBUTION of this beer in can cases whatsoever, so you’ve got to come to the brewery to get it.

If you’ve stopped by the brewery Tap Room lately you’ve also probably noticed that we’ve got a lot more brewery only limited releases on tap. That’s because our small 1.5 BBL brewhouse and 3 BBL fermenters are now up and running. The first beer brewed on this system was the Croydon Steamer, our amber American/San Francisco-style Lager/California Common brewed with locally malted Munich-style barley from Deer Creek Malthouse. The second was the limited White Chocolate Pumpkin Porter. We only have one more keg of this beer remaining, which will be tapped at our Halloween costume party tonight. Get it while you can.

Next up we’ve got a limited release Wheat Double IPA we’ve dubbed Dank Hill. This Simcoe and Equinox forward Double IPA comes in at 8.4% ABV and was fermented with an ale yeast strain isolated from a particular Vermont brewery known for it’s wildly popular Double IPA. It’s full of huge citrus notes like mandarin, pineapple and mango, and a dryness and dankness that’s complemented by the stickiest of the ickiest, if you know what I mean. Again, this is a limited release, and we’ll probably only have three kegs available in the Tap Room starting Friday, November 6th. You’ve been warned.

Coming up very soon in the Tap Room we’ve got a limited release of a collaboration brew that we’ll be announcing all the details for very shortly, but we can say that it’s a hop forward Imperial American-style Kölsch brewed with Equinox and Mandarina Bavaria hops and fermented with an authentic Kölsch yeast straight from Germany.

Beyond that we’ve got a wine barrel fermented Apricot Saison that should be hitting the taps sometime in the next month and slew of other ideas we’re just waiting to brew. In short, do yourself a favor and if you haven’t been by the Tap Room lately, come on by.

Without having this update be too long winded, here’s an idea of the limited beers being released in bottles in the next six to 12 months as well, in no particular order:

Logic & Reason Saison – our tart, refreshingly citrus forward oak Foudre fermented Saison dry hopped with Equinox and Mandarina Bavaria hops

Rum Barrel Aged Neshaminator – our Winter Wheat Bock brewed with Orange Blossom Honey and aged in South American Rum barrels for a year

In the Midnight Sour – our barrel soured Belgian Dubbel aged on Raspberries

Rum Barrel Aged Coconut Mudbank Milk Stout – our bi-annual special release version of Mudbank Milk Stout brewed with a stupid amount of coconut and aged in Rum barrels for a year

Bourbon Barrel Aged Punkless Dunkel – a Woodford Reserve barrel aged version of our Fall pumpkin seasonal

Bourbon Barrel Aged Concrete Coffee – our 3rd Anniversary Imperial Vanilla Coffee Porter aged in Elijah Craig 12 Year Bourbon barrels….holy smokes!

Bourbon Barrel Aged Imperial Chocolate Mudbank – our bi-annual special release version of Mudbank Milk Stout brewed with a stupid amount of sweet Belgian chocolate and aged in Heaven Hill Bourbon barrels

Mango/Raspberry/Peach Spite Farmhouse Ale and Logic & Reason Saison – fruited, barrel soured versions of our two oak Foudre feremented farmhouse Saisons

Flemish Concrete Pillow – our 2nd Anniversary English Barleywine release soured and aged for over a year on a mixed culture blend of Saccharomyces and Brettanomyces from Belgum

Beast Infection – the return of our Port barrel soured and aged version of Tribute Tripel

And the list goes on, and on, and on, and on….

We’ve got some big announcements coming very soon about additional expansion plans here at the brewery, and maybe, just maybe, additional distribution areas in the coming months. Until then, please come by the brewery and see all the changes. Trust me when I say that it changes almost weekly.

Until next time…

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