Shape of Hops to Come Release July 1st

Shape of Hops to Come

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So, tomorrow’s the day, right?

We’re stoked to be bringing back The Shape of Hops to Come Imperial IPA, and we think 2015’s batches are better than last year’s.  Of course we’d say that, but nonetheless we truly believe this.  We hope you agree.

Here’s the details:

Normal Tap Room and Gift Shop hours are in effect from 4 to 9 PM.  NO CASE SALES.  NO GROWLER SALES.  At the moment we’re limiting sales to three 4-packs per customer, $12.75/per 4-pack.  This beer will not be as limited as it was in 2014 because we started canning it immediately this year (unlike last year where no one gave it any notice until we started canning it nearly two months after we first made it available on draft). We’ll continue to do so from now until the first week of December.  There’s no need to get all crazy about it.  If you don’t get some this week, we’ll have more very soon.

Speaking of more and soon, as soon as our much needed brewery expansion is complete we’re anticipating being able to produce about 500 to 600 cases of this beer a week, at which point we’ll start making this beer available by the case at the brewery.

Cases and draft have already shipped to our SEPA distributor, Bella Vista, and will start arriving at retail and wholesale locations on or after July 1st.  Cases and draft will be shipping to our NJ wholesaler, Hunterdon, the week of July 6th.

Now, before the haters start posting dumb and misguided stuff up on all the cool Internet beer forums, the reasons we’re not making this beer available at the brewery by the case or growler fill are very simple.  First, we want to ensure as many people who’d like to try this beer get the opportunity to do so, and for that reason we’re canning the overwhelming majority of this years batches.  Once our next brewery expansion is complete, hopefully around mid-August, we’ll be making this beer available by the case at the brewery.  Second, since we’re not doing as much draft and since we don’t have any fancy growler filling machine, we’re not filling growlers because not only do they waste beer, but they’re also not the preferred way we’d like this beer to be enjoyed: FRESH.  Sure, some of you may go home and enjoy your growler fill immediately, but some of you won’t.  On top of that, filling growlers is the least ‘perfect’ way to ensure the freshness of a beer regardless how quickly it’s consumed.  We take great pride and work hard at making sure our packaged cans are done in a way to ensure the utmost freshness and quality of our beer, and every day we’re working on improving this.  Opaque cans that are filled with the lowest amount of dissolved oxygen possible is the best way to do this, not a growler.

That’s it right?

Not even close.

To up the ante a bit more, we’re also releasing a beer called A Good Problem to Have Double IPA tomorrow as well.  This will only EVER be a brewery release. We’re never selling this off-premise and will be available for the first time tomorrow in the brewery Tap Room.  No growler fills of this one as well, but you can enjoy drafts of this tasty 7.7% ABV double IPA brewed with Warrior, Chinook, Centennial, Amarillo, and Cascade hops that’s dry hopped additionally with Amarillo and Simcoe using about 30% more hop than used in The Shape of Hops to Come alone or in a vertical flight that includes any one of our hoppy beers from J.A.W.N. Pale Ale, County Line IPA, Blitzkrieg Hops English DIPA, and The Shape of Hops to Come Imperial IPA.  Our intention is to release this hugely dank and grapefruit and citrus forward IPA five times a year in 16 oz. can 4-packs and cases starting as soon as we can receive our first batch of cans for production which we’re anticipating will be sometime in August.

Well, I guess that’s a good start.  We could always talk about our new dry hopping rocket/torpedo/system that we hope to have in use in the coming weeks, but that’ll probably just bore you anyway.  How ’bout we talk about that over a few beers tomorrow in the Tap Room, shall we?  Until then…

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