Shape of Hops to Come & Blitzkrieg Hops

We’ve been getting calls and emails from people asking about the availability of our new Double IPA, The Shape of Hops to Come.  First off, thanks for the kind words regarding SHC.  We’re stoked everyone is digging it so much, and taken back by some of the comparisons to some other notable DIPAs available in 16 oz. cans.  One of the things many of you have noted is it’s availability, especially compared again to some of the other beers people have been bringing up in conversation.  So yeah, let’s talk about that….

The Shape of Hops to Come is one of two Imperial/DIPAs we make that will be available in 16 oz. cans/4-packs/cases, the other being Blitzkrieg Hops, our English-styled Imperial IPA.  Both beers will be available on a rotating schedule for six months each year.  Our intention was to release SHC much earlier than we did this year, but because of a hold up in the can design and production, we weren’t able to make it widely available until mid-October.  That being said, we’re really trying to get into a normal rhythm and release schedule at the brewery with all our beers, so becasue of this SHC will only be available for the remainder of 2014; we literally have one more 30 BBL fermenter to dry hop, package, and ship and then we’re done for the year.  It will return July 1st, 2015.

Wow, what a bummer, right?

SHC should be available in stores and here at the brewery up until Christmas….we hope.  We’ve shipped a total of 560 cases to our distributors in Pennsylvania, the bulk having gone to our SEPA distributor Bella Vista.  We’ll also end up shipping at least 400 cases to our New Jersey distributor, Hunterdon, when all is said and done for 2014.  A good amount of draft has also been shipped to both states. That’s not a whole lot, but it’s as much as we could make in 2014 and are excited to bring it back again in 2015.

That leaves us with the next 16 oz. can release, Blitzkrieg Hops. Maybe you tried it earlier this year?  Didn’t like it?  That’s cool, because we weren’t 100% satisfied with it either (take that snarky Untappd fuckheads).  Between a few brewhouse efficiency changes that made the beer even more malt forward (and alcoholic) than we wanted, plus some issues with a pesky English ale yeast strain, Blitzkrieg Hops was much maltier, and higher in ABV than we had originally intended.  Many of you commented that it’s very different than what you normally expect in an IPA, and that’s because it is different; we use only high alpha acid English hops to craft this brew.  It’s not West Coast-styled ‘hop juice’.  It’s a big, bold, firmly bitter, hop flavored,and aromatic English-styled IPA that actually has some malt character; more malt character than we intended mind you, and more than you’re going to get in a West Coast-styled IPA.  There’s more than one way to skin a cat, so get over it. That being said, For 2015 we intend to dial back the malt because the efficiency on our brewhouse is now 9% higher than when we brewed Blitzkrieg for the first time earlier this year (part of the reason why it was much more malt forward than we intended), and we’re pretty sure we’ve got any yeast attenuation issues we encountered before licked.  So, what should you expect? Definitely not the malt monster it was in 2014, and definitely more hop forward this go ’round.  We’ve got a feeling you’re really going to like what we’ve got planned, so get ready.

We plan to have 16 oz. cans/4-packs/cases of Blitzkrieg Hops available January 2, 2015.


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