GABF Pro-Am HBS Stout


The growth of the American craft beer movement is due in large part to the growth of homebrewing over the past 35 years. We wouldn’t be here if it weren’t for homebrewing. Just about every single member of our team is an active member of their respective homebrew club and brews at home more often than you’d think for a bunch of guys that brew everyday for a living. That’s why we teamed up with the Keystone Hops Homebrew Club and sponsored a Pro-Am award opportunity at this years War of the Worts XIX (19). With that award we choose a category winner and Best of Show entry to brew a production version that would be entered into this year’s Great American Beer Fest Pro-Am competition. The beer we choose was a Smoked Irish Dry Stout brewed by Mike Dietz and Ryan Wilson called HBS Stout. At 3.8% ABV this stout delivers a creamy mouthfeel, and flavors of chocolate, coffee, roasted barley, and a smoky complexity from the use of smoked English peat malt that stouts four times it size rarely have. Growler fills are available starting today and since we’re an AHA Members Deals participant and it’s Thursty Thursday we’re going to offer this beer at HALF PRICE today to celebrate along with our normal $2 off growler fills on Thursdays. Bottles go on sale tomorrow at 12 Noon as well. So, stop by for a $6 growler fill today of this new creation and keep on brewin’!

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