We’re stoked to be releasing our first sour beer during PBW2014. You may have noticed our collection of wine and bourbon barrels growing over the past 24 months here at the brewery. Eight of those barrels are Port wine barrels from Buckingham Valley Vineyards. 16 months ago we let our Tribute Tripel slumber in these barrels on a cocktail of wild yeast and bacteria from one of our favorite yeast houses. Beast Infection Sour Ale is the end result. It’ll only be available at The Churchville Inn on Sunday, June 1st, Varga Bar on Tuesday, June 3rd, and Bainbridge Street Barrel House on Friday, June 6th, as well as our 2nd Anniversary Party Saturday, June 7th. This will be the only draft available of this beer until the next round of barrels we’ve soured this beer in become available in 2015. A very limited brewery only bottle release will follow in late-June. Get awesome.

Beast Infection

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