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Do you stay up late at night thinking about malted barley, Calcium sulfate, and Humulus lupulus? Do the words attenuation and sanitization get your adrenaline pumping? Have you ever broken into a cold sweet just thinking about double pre-evac bottling lines?

Then you may just have what it takes to be a professional Brewer.

Having opened in June of 2012, Neshaminy Creek Brewing is one of the Philadelphia area’s newest and fastest growing production breweries. In the nine short months since opening we have reached nearly 2000 barrels in production and just recently started bottling beer for more widespread distribution throughout the Philadelphia, Eastern and Central Pennsylvania, and New Jersey markets. Operating on a 15 barrel direct fire JV Northwest brew house, we currently have 285 barrels of fermentation and lagering capacity, and look to add addition fermentation and lagering capacity in the coming months to help meet the growing demand for our draft and bottled offerings.

We’re currently accepting resumes and interviewing to fill an unpaid Brewing Internship position for Spring 2013, with the opportunity and possibility of full-time employment consideration following. Ideal candidates should have a broad range of brewing experience, including but not limited to any of the following: homebrewing, brew school certification from Siebel, UC Davis, or the American Craft Brewers Guild, four year college degree program with a focus on beer or commerical beverage production, a college degree in General Science, Biology, or Chemistry, BJCP judge certification, or previous brewery work experience.

Canidates must be able to commit 16 hours a week (Monday through Friday), and occasional weekends to working both inside and outside the brewery. You must be self-motivated, determined, hardworking, and think quickly on your feet. Brewery work is back breaking, long hour days, rarely spent staring at a glass of beer judging it for it’s qualities and waxing poetic about the times. This is hard, demanding work, but also very rewarding.

Beer geeks and snobs need not apply.

If you think you’ve got what it takes wrestle 558 gallons of wort, please forward a cover letter and resume in PDF format to neshaminycreekbrewing[at] Cover letters and resumes in any other format will not be accepted and your consideration will be automatically withdrawn. All applicants must apply by Friday, March 22nd and will be contacted directly for an interview if considered.

Thank you, and good luck!


  1. Lee, Sunjoo, Ph. D. says:

    Are foreign college students eligible to apply for internship? What is the internship period?

  2. Alex says:

    Unpaid internships are a sickness in this industry and should be avoided. If you’re willing to let yourself be taken advantage now, what makes you think the company will ever want to pay you? Shame on you guys. Hire a kid for $8/hr and promote them after a couple years…like everyone else.
    Shaking my head…

    • you’re certainly entitled to your opinion, but you’re way off. i (jeremy/head brewer) started as an unpaid intern and was hired after that internship as a brewer at the same brewery. even if hadn’t been, i was grateful for the opportunity to learn for four months before i went to brew school and it benefited me greatly. thanks anyway, internet watchdog.

  3. Bruce Williamson says:

    Wish that I could just learn from a professional brewer. Have a brewing awareness day and let a few people come in and learn the brewing process. I’m a home brewer but I’m sure that I could benefit from some professional tips.

  4. Bruce Williamson says:

    I’m a home brewer. I’d like to just see the brewing process up close and maybe ask questions. Maybe some day you could have a Saturday (once your intern has been there for a while) where you show off to home brewers. I’m sure that I could benefit from some professional tips. So while I love beer and I’d like to learn more about brewing I have to pay bills so anything like an unpaid internship prevents me from advancing.

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