Growler Fill Price Increase

It pains us to post this, but effective Wednesday, February 6th prices for our growler fills at the brewery will be going up.  Because of a recent price increase for both malt and hops we have to raise our growler fill prices.  We’ve been holding off on this as long as we could to see if we could make it through this bump in the road without passing the increase on to our customers, but unfortunately that’s not going to work.  Hopefully we won’t have to do this again for a long, long time, but unfortunately we’re at the mercy of natural ingredients that fluxuate in price based on things like droughts, low yielding harvest seasons, etc.

All our year round beers except Tribute Tripel will now be $12 a growler fill.  Tribute will be $15 a growler fill and most of seasonals will be either $15 or $18 depending on the beer.

So, that sucks, right?  To help make up for that, we’re going to continue to offer a weekly special on growler fills.  Now that football Sundays are over until the Fall, what’s next?  Hockey Thursdays, that’s what!

Hockey is back, and from now until a team hoists the Cup ALL growler fills will be $2 off on Thursdays!

Gotta take the good with the bad.


  1. Kevin Chesney says:

    Do you sell new Growler bottles? If so, How much are they?



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