The time has come….

….almost, anyway.  We’ve got a few more hurdles to overcome in the coming weeks, but rest assured we’re so close to ‘beer o’clock’ we can almost taste it.  Right now we’ve got seven events lined up for Philly Beer Week 2012 and we’re really excited to be a participant this year.  Our first two events will be Philly Beer Week’s official Opening Tap Night at the Independence Visitor Center followed by Bella Vista’s annual Beer Bash at the Devil’s Den.  After that we’ve got a bunch of really awesome events throughout the week at places like The Hulmeville Inn, Capone’s, 12 Steps Down, and many more!  We’ll be posting all the details we have very shortly.

In the meantime we’re going to be participating in this weekend’s Washington Crossing Beer Fest.  This will be our last beer event using our pilot beer as we’re now up and running on the brewing side of things in Croydon.  We’re still waiting on a few things like our first shipment of 1/2 and 1/6 BBL kegs that we hope to have real soon for all these beer we’ve got fermenting away, as well as our kegger, which was supposed to ship this past Monday but has now been pushed back to next Wednesday.  Fun, right?  After two years of putting up with delays you’d think we’re used to this but it’s probably even more frustrating now that we’re even closer to being ‘open for business’.

Just in case you’re wondering the three beers we’ll be featuring during beer week are our flagship County Line IPA and two limited release beers in our Mudbank Milk Stout and Tribute Belgian Tripel.  We didn’t have enough time to get our  Trauger Pilsner ready for Beer Week, but we plan on brewing that for the first time on the big brewhouse very shortly.

So, to quickly recap….beer will be on the market in early June, and we expect to start receiving visitors to our humble brewery sometime in late June/early July.

Hope that tides a few of you over until our next untimely update.



  1. John Trauger says:

    As a Trauger and long time beer drinker, I applaud your efforts!

  2. Bob says:

    Can beer be purchased at your brewery?

  3. Jeff Parsons says:

    Hey guys, I tried your Mudbank last night and really enjoyed it. Looking forward to being able to pick it up and drink some at home soon. Best of luck!

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