Hard to believe it’s been almost a year….

We received our federal TTB Brewery Notice approval on March 18th of last year; hard to believe it’s been nearly a year since.  Since that time we waited over seven months for the PLCB to give us our initial approval to operate a brewery. Right now we’re finishing the build out and eager to schedule our final inspection with the PLCB so we can get this ball rolling.  Thank you to everyone that’s been supportive and eager to see this project off the ground.  Without you we wouldn’t be here.

This past Saturday we participated in the Philly Craft Beer Fest at the Navy Yard.  Thank you to everyone that came by and cleared us out of beer!  We were thrilled with the feedback and can’t wait until we’re making these beers 15 BBLs a shot.  Now that we’re completely cleared out of beer we’re going to brew a few more batches on the pilot system and hopefully we’ll be up and running on the big gun real soon so we’ll have plenty of beer for future events.

Gonna keep this one short and sweet.  Again, if you’re not following us on Facebook, please do so.  We post stuff much more often than on the website/blog, so we promise you won’t get bored.  Until next time….

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