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As we inch closer and closer to what will be the largest production brewery in Bucks County (hey, you’ve got to start somewhere, right) here’s a quick update to tide everyone over until we’ve got more exciting news to talk about.

Our brewhouse and some aging tanks showed up last week.  We’re in the process of finishing up some mechanical things in the building, and should be spotting the brewhouse into place soon.  We’ve got a ton of work to do on that end in regards to all the process piping and other important equipment, but it’s another small step towards being up, running, and making tasty beer.

We’re expecting a delivery of some more important stainless steel tanks next week as well.  I guess from here on out we’ll be getting all sorts of important deliveries, each one bringing us closer to our goal of completing this “Death Star”.  Hopefully our fully operational, planet destroying ‘beer’ cannon won’t scare the neighbors.

We’ll be pouring some pilots at this years Philadelphia Beer Fest at the Navy Yard on March 3rd.  Most likely we’ll have Trauger Pils, Croydon Steamer, and one other beer for you all to check out.  Go here for more details.

Since we get asked this a lot, here’s some speculation: We hope to be brewing and in production by April 1st.  We’ve got a small bet amongst ourselves, with a few people predicting before that, and some of us hedging their bets on a date later than that.  We’ll have to wait and see.  Things have really picked up around here, and as soon as we can be up and running, as well as legally allowed to sell you beer, trust us, we won’t be keeping it quiet!

Another thing we get asked a lot is if we’re going to be hiring soon.  The long and short of that is, no, we won’t be hiring anytime in the immediate eight to 10 months.  Believe it or not, a brewery of this size won’t need a lot of hands on deck until we get to the point that we’ve got to brew a lot of beer.  You can help make that happen sooner then later by supporting us whenever and where ever you can once we’re out in the market.  Want to know the importance of buying local?  Supporting a local business just like ours directly creates jobs in your community.  The more beer we have to make, the more people we need to hire to make that happen.  So,  you buy a lot of beer, we make a lot of beer.  In order to make a lot of beer, we need to hire people to help us do this.  Our hope, if you can’t tell by the size of the brewhouse and tanks we’ve purchased, is to make a lot of great, tasty craft beer.  We are looking forward to bringing in new hires as soon as we can afford to do so, and we will most certainly announce that on this website.

Of all the local breweries opening in the coming months throughout the Philadelphia area, and I think I can say this pretty safely, in terms of brewhouse size and overall capacity, we’re the largest.  Our initial fermentation capacity will be at least 120 barrels.  Depending on how our budgeting works out we may be able to squeeze another tank or two in there, which will bring our capacity up to 150 or 180 barrels.  This is probably at least three times more than any other new brewery in the Philadelphia area.  We choose to concentrate on just making beer as opposed to a smaller scale brewpub that would also serve food.  Being that one of us is a culinary school trained chef, you can expect something along those lines from us in the future, but for the coming months we’re going to focus solely on the beer.  That doesn’t make us any better than the other guys out there that will be coming online in the coming weeks and months.  We just have a different focus, and our past brewing experience is also something that dictated this direction.  We do feel that, even with this larger brewhouse and capacity size we will be able to brew finely crafted, great tasting beers that will challenge us as brewers and you as beer drinkers alike.

Alright, so that’s enough jibber jabber for now.  Time to get back to work.  Until next time….


  1. Joe Aleble says:

    Once you’re ready to have cases distributed any idea of where they could be bought?

  2. Joe Aleble says:

    When you are finally at the stage when cases of beer will be available in stores would you happen to know where they could be bought?

  3. when cases start rolling out and we have a list of accounts we’ll be posting it on the website along with any bars that will be carrying draft.

  4. Dawn says:

    Did you every look up the definition to Croydon Steamer? Google it!

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