How in the world do we sleep at night?

That seems to be a familiar question we either ask ourselves or have been asked a lot lately.  To clarify, I’m talking specifically about the licensing and permitting process of opening a brewery.  It’s been nearly five months since we sent in our application to the TTB.  We’ve gone through pretty much everything we expected and were told to expect, and as far as I can tell, outside of being a bit slower than we would like, everything is going according to plan.  We should have the final word any day now.

In the meantime we’ve been brewing up a storm.  Our German styled Pils came out really well, which makes me really happy considering its one of my favorite styles and one I would literally try to drink all day if that were possible.  We also tapped the Russian Imperial Chocolate Smores Stout this week.  Yummy!  This seems to be the beer everyone asks about first when we run into people that have been following our progress.  We’re pretty excited about this beer.  It’s a high gravity, malt bomb in the true sense of a Russian Imperial Stout, chock full of roasted barely, chocolate, and black patent malt, with a huge backbone of bready American two row barely and a ton of IBUs to back up that sweetness.  If that weren’t enough, we also used bittersweet bakers chocolate, marshmallow fluff, and graham crackers which give it the obvious Smores influence.  In the end it came out at a huge 11.5% ABV and has a roasty, chocolate note that’s sweet up front and has a nice bitterness on the finish that’s highly drinkable for such a big beer.  We’re definitely going to be brewing this one again real soon and is quite possibly one of my favorite pilots I’ve ever done.  Thanks to Kevin Romer for the idea and inspiration for this brew!

After tinkering with a few different parts of our IPA recipe I think we’ve settled on what direction we’re going to head with that.  I’m constantly torn between giant, danky, piney, bitter bombs and over the top citrus hop monsters and I think we’ve found a nice medium between the two.  It’d be so much easier to just take the easy road and try and make Pliny clone, but that isn’t my style.  Either way, our intent is to make something that reflects the style’s obvious ‘coastal’ leanings  and brew something that will stand out.  Hopefully we’ll succeed.

So, there you have it.  There are a few other tidbits of information that we could share at this point, but we’re going to hold off until we get that ever so elusive TTB notice.  Until then, keep your eyes peeled for more announcements.

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