Inching Closer….

We’re inching ever so closer to our first goal, which of course, is receiving word from the Federal Government (more specifically, the TTB) that we’re all good to go with our Brewery Notice.  How much longer you ask?  We have a hunch that it should be within the next seven days.  Anyone that’s been through this process probably knows that this isn’t some arbitrary number.  It could even been less.  It could even be by this coming Friday.   Either way, its coming very soon, and we can’t wait.  We have two other awesome announcements to make, but we’re going to wait until we get some sort of word from the TTB and we’re going to fire all three at you at once.  Sound good?  We hope so.


  1. John Morris says:

    Where in Croydon are you guys brewing? Couldn’t have found a better place anywhere !

  2. Our location in Croydon is on Ray Avenue, just three blocks from the intersection of Cedar and State. As soon as we’re open to the public we’ll be letting everyone know!

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