30 Days to Freedom

Or something like that.  Today marks the 90th day since our TTB application was sent in and the collateral check cleared.  I feel almost like I did when I was little kid waiting for Santa to come on Christmas, only, this is something a million times cooler than Santa and we’re not going to find out one day that the TTB isn’t real.  At least I hope not.  Maybe this is all just some weird dream.

In the meantime, which we all hope is only going to be another 30 days or less, we’ve got a ton of stuff going on.  We just upgraded the size of our pilot system’s brew kettle so now we’re able to kick out two sixtels per batch.  I’m really excited to use that for the first time this week.  We also bought a bunch of stainless steel quick disconnects for our hoses; wish we would have gotten those a long time ago.  Not only do they save us the hassle of having to loosen and tighten hose clamps constantly, the quick disconnects also have flow cut offs so water/wort/beer doesn’t end up all over the floor or worse yet, wasted.  Man, only brewers can get excited over simple stuff like that.

We’re going to be making at least two really awesome and exciting announcements this week, so please check back sometime over the next week for all the good news and vibes.  We promise it’ll be worth it.  If the TTB decision comes back anytime soon you can add that to this list as well.

We’re definitely brewing this week.  Not sure what, but probably a Hefeweizen or either a Belgian Golden Strong or Tripel.  I wouldn’t mind doing another Oatmeal Sweet Stout brew so we can put these French oak chips and the bottle of Heaven Hill I got for my birthday to good use.

And in brew news, the Tripel, Oatmeal Sweet Stout, and IPA will all be ready to go by the end of the week.  More and more beers coming soon!

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  1. John Morris says:

    Hey guys let me know when you are ready for sales. I have plenty of expertizes in that dept!

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